Mr Johnston is a 64 year old male who lives alone on a farm

Mr Johnston is a 64 year old male who lives alone on a farm just… Mr Johnston is a 64 year old male who lives alone on a farm just outside Armidale. He has 2 children who reside overseas and his wife Betty passed away 5 years ago. Mr Johnstone has a few farm hands that work on the farm during the day but there is no one on the farm overnight. Mr Johnstone has 20 year history of hypertension and he states he did not like taking his medications as they make him urinate more at night disturbing his sleep. He was a heavy smoker and only stopped smoking 2 years ago after attempting to quit several times. He had a silent MI (myocardial infarction) at age 59 which was picked up at a check-up with the GP. He was supposed to make changes to his diet, however, since his wife died he finds it difficult to get to the grocery store, prepare meals and manage the farm.Mr Johnston used to walk each day with his wife, lately he has not found the time and he often feels short of breath with centralised chest pain on exertion relieved by Anginine (GTN).  Mr Johnstone highlights that he lives out of town, his health isn’t what it used to be and he is feeling lonely.Mr Johnstone has come into the GP clinic for follow up today. As the Practice Nurse you have just completed a set of observations as follows.RR- 28, SpO2- 94, HR- 70 regular, BP- 155/90, Temp- 37.1, pain- 1/10 2: Care planning and Health promotionCare planning and Health promotion are a vital part of nursing management, they help to improve the health of individuals and reduce the overall long term cost to the health services.. Using this Template, present an evidence-based health education plan for Aaron to ensure we meet his care needs and provide health promotion directed to improving for his overall health.Your health education plan should discuss all aspects of cardiac health including:PhysicalSocialPsychological needs.   You will need to set clear goals to improve Aaron’s overall and health and implement strategies to achieve this. The plan needs to include the interdisciplinary team involved in his care, and incorporate a person centred care approach to his care.Image transcription textQZGoals Provides succinct, relevant and clear Provides relevant education plan and education plan andstrategies with 4-5 strategies with 2-3 education goals ide education goals identified {12 Holistic Educationplan is holistic and inclusive of Education plan is generally holistic an: physical, social, and psychol… Show more… Show more     Health Science Science Nursing HSNS 263

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