Michael Nguyen is 38 years of age and came to Australia with

Michael Nguyen is 38 years of age and came to Australia with his… Michael Nguyen is 38 years of age and came to Australia with his parents and brother as a refugee from Vietnam in 1982 when he was 4. He ran a successful importing business until 8 months ago, supplying farmers with high grade fertiliser. He was involved in working bees at his children’s schools (his son is 18 and his daughter is 9) and previously coached soccer at his son’s local club on Sunday mornings.Michael was a successful cyclist who competed in amateur racing events locally, as well as travelling to major events every few years, such as the Tour De France. Michael has been a busy home renovator in the past, and maintains a love of design and building. He project managed the family’s new two storey home only a year ago.Eight months ago Michael suffered a stroke, which has resulted in right side hemiplegia, and short term memory loss. At times he is frustrated by his physical limitations and his loss of memory and can be easily overwhelmed by his current circumstances. His wife Wendy currently cares for him at home and works part time 3 days a week. Michael uses a walking frame around the house and a wheelchair when outside. They have relocated their bedroom to the ground floor, as Michael is unable to use the stairs. They are also deciding whether to move house and find a property with facilities that will be easier for Michael to use.Michael has expressed an interest in organising a “Circle of Support” to create an individualised plan for his future. He doesn’t want to be a “burden” on his wife (his words) and is upset about the consequences that the loss of independence is having on him and his family. He has expressed a preference for a more “informal” approach when creating an individualised plan to meet his needs. His wife and son will be in attendance at the proposed planning meeting to be held in the next fortnight.  1Suggest how you might facilitate an inclusive and positive introduction with Michael, in the initial stages of preparing for a “Circle of Support” meeting. 2What factors are important to consider when discussing possible inclusions to Michael’s individual plan with him and his family? 3List the possible roles and responsibilities of different people who may be involved in Michael’s individualised support planning process. 4Michael would like to try and participate in wheelchair basketball. What are some of the risk management considerations and ways to respond to potential identified risks for Michael? 5aWhat are some of the possible indicators of Michael’s unmet needs? 5bWhat are some ways of responding to them to assist him in realising his goals? 6If you are unable to meet some of the requests that Michael has communicated, who can you seek support from? 7As a part of your work, you may be provided with personal information, including details of Michael’s lifestyle, finances, family relationships and medical history. How can you ensure you maintain Michael’s privacy and confidentiality? 8You will need the Individual Support Plan document to complete this .Use the Individual Support Plan to create a draft plan for Michael based on the information you know about him from the case study.Health Science Science Nursing CHC 33015

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