Medication Teaching Plan Template Health Teaching Plan Frame

Medication Teaching Plan Template Health Teaching Plan Framework…… Medication Teaching Plan Template Health Teaching Plan Framework… Medication Teaching Plan Template Health Teaching Plan Framework behavior/ cognitivism or effective / humanism ???   Learning Theory with rationale:       Overview of teaching plan (synopsis of who, what, when, where, why, how will be taught )      Two (2) Learning Outcomes of teaching session:    By the completion of teaching session….  Content/Time frame     CONTENT TIME  Topic overview of teaching session:Uses: hydromorphone 1 mg PO Q6h PRN       Teaching Strategies/Tools/Major domains of learning   (cognitive, effective or psychomotor   SELECTED STRATEGIES/TOOLS DOMAIN   Teaching resources/references      Evaluation       Scenario # 1Client A is a 69-year-old retired teacher who lives in a bungalow with one daughter. Client A is independent with all Activities of Daily Living and has no cognitive impairments. Client A is hard of hearing and usually wears a hearing aid.Medicine: hydromorphone 1 mg PO Q6h PRN Kozier, B., Erb, G., Berman, A., Snyder, S., Buck, M., Yui, L. & Stamler, L. (2017). Fundamentals of Canadian nursing: concepts, process, and practice. (4th Canadian Edition). Toronto, ON: Pearson.    PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is for the student to: vAssess the client/families learning need, outline a teaching plan, implement the plan and then evaluate the teaching and learning process. v Apply the principles of the teaching and learning process ensuring client centered teaching to meet learning outcomes. Importantly, the student must incorporate ONE learning theory (Humanism, Cognitivism or Behaviourism) that is applicable to the assigned scenario. v Explore Blooms learning domains (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor) in order to determine learning styles and the most appropriate teaching strategy to increase client learning. v Collaborate with other health care team members or health-related sectors to assist clients in accessing resources to support health education. v Gain a greater understanding of the teaching and learning process, how to tailor and implement a teaching plan to meet learning needs, how to evaluate the learner and identify strategies to address learning gaps and inform future learning. PREPARE Students will individually develop a written medication-teaching plan using the template provided to teach about an assigned medication. Some s to Consider in Completing this Assignment: v What is the client’s learning style? v Which of the learning domain is most appropriate to meet the client’s learning needs? v Are there any barriers to learning, and is the environment conducive to learning? v Is the client ready and motivated to learn? Which is the best teaching strategy to enhance client learning? (must be supported with credible sources) v Which member of the interprofessional team should the nurse collaborate with in order to support the client’s learning? v What other resources/support network can the client access to learn more about their medication? v What method will the student use to evaluate the client’s knowledge/skill of safe medication administration? v Are learning outcomes partially or completely met? If unmet, what revisions are needed to address these learning gaps/unmet needs? The student MUST explicitly outline how they are going to evaluate the learner, reflect on their teaching plan, and if they are still gaps in learning indicate within the teaching plan any possible strategy/change  Health Science Science Nursing PNUR 250

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