Maxine Miller, a 38 year old female, was admitted to a psych

Maxine Miller, a 38 year old female, was admitted to a psychiatric… Maxine Miller, a 38 year old female, was admitted to a psychiatric facility in soiled clothes with a diagnosis of anxiety and panic attacks.  She appeared frightened, her hands moved constantly and directions had to be repeated several times for her to comprehend. Maxine cooperated with the admission process as long as she was permitted to pace within the room.  To alleviate Maxine’s anxiety, the nurse administered 2 mg of lorazepam sublingual.  Her heart was 92 beats per minute (bpm), her respirations were 30, and her oral temperature was 37C.History:For the last 6 months, Maxine has been experiencing panic attacks and severe anxiety for which she had not sought treatment.  Maxine’s anxiety and panic has been steadily increasing, causing her to be distracted and unable to focus when she was able to go out to work.  For the past 4 weeks she has not been able to leave her home or attend work.  Maxine’s attention to hygiene has started to decrease over the past few weeks as well and she only wears pyjamas.   Maxine has no past psychiatric illness or other medical problems.Thomas, Maxine’s husband, convinced her to go to the emergency department when he returned from work and found her sitting on the floor in the corner of their bedroom covered in urine.  Maxine had been too frightened to leave the corner all day.  Thomas and Maxine have been happily married for the past 5 years. Maxine is a successful interior decorator; however, has been under considerable stress since her major client decided to discontinue his contract one month ago.  After further assessment and consultation with Maxine, she has agreed to be voluntarily hospitalized. The client’s diagnostic findings are as follows:Urine Drug Screen: Negative for illicit drugsHematology:   RBC 4.2, Hgb 120 g/L, Hct 38%, WBC 5000Following 3 days of hospitalization with a 2-mg tablet of lorazepam twice a day, Maxine has become more cooperative with treatment, has attended group therapy and socializes with other clients.  The nurse assigned to Maxine wants to help her learn more about anxiety and stress management.  She sets up a time to talk with the client about these topics, as well as her pending discharge.  The client will be discharged in 2 days.  She is, however, becoming anxious about the discharge and is demanding to know why she cannot stay longer.  The nurse explains that based on the physician’s assessment orders have been received for discharge. S Discuss 4 pieces of objective data that support the nursing and medical diagnosis of anxiety? Discuss 4 keys points which should be included in the client’s education plan regarding anxiety.  Discuss why the client may be concerned about her discharge? Develop 4 client outcomes that the client should achieve before discharge and discuss the importance of each. Discuss 4 nursing interventions that should be considered to assist the client with discharge. Discuss 3 of your personal biases regarding anxiety disorders and how they may potentially impact your ability to provide care?     Health Science Science Nursing NUPD 743

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