Maternal/Newborn Database Antepartal History: 1. Provide at

Maternal/Newborn Database Antepartal History: 1. Provide at least 4… Maternal/Newborn DatabaseAntepartal History:1. Provide at least 4 examples of antepartal care a patient should receive?2. How does adequate and appropriate antepartal care contribute to a positive maternal and fetal outcome?3. Provide at least 4 examples negative fetal outcomes that are associated with inadequate antepartal care?4. Discuss 3 significant physical antepartal complications?5. Please discuss at least 3 potential concerns regarding social, financial, relationship or cultural issues?Intrapartal Period.6. Discuss what happens in each stage of labor listed below to include the contraction pattern, dilation and effacement pattern and the nursing care indicated>First Stage-please describe latent, active and transition phase:Second Stage:Third Stage: Fourth Stage:7. What is the most desirable position for delivery?8. Discuss the different types of pelvic shapes?9. Indicate which ones are most desirable for HSVD?10. Discuss the following changes that may occur during labor?11. What does the change indicate?12. What if any nursing care should be provided in each situation?Early deceleration:Late deceleration:Variable decelaration:Postpartal Assessment:Postpartal Assessment: What integument changes would you expect to see in a normal postpartal woman? In the postpartal period on days one, two and three where should the fundus of the uterus be located? When should total involution occur in a normal postpartal woman?Describe normal postpartum lochia regarding color, amount, odor, and any necessary interventions.What care is required for the episiotomy?Discuss nursing care after Cesarean birth.Discuss 6 teaching topics regarding postpartum care of the mother.Discuss the process of bonding including the phases of bonding.Newborn Assessment & Care: Topic or Area to be AssessedAssessment FindingsApgar score Overall appearance of newborn  Head size and shape, fontanels, facial features, neck Palate intact/nares patent, suck/swallow reflex present Apical heart rate/circulatory assessment Temperature/any concerns with thermoregulation Respiratory rate/lung sounds Assessment of chest Assessment of abdomen Bowel sounds/rectum patent First meconium passed First void and current voiding pattern Skin assessment (observe for jaundice, bruising, any abnormal presentations of the skin or scalp), Skin turgor Assessment of all extremities including assessing the back and musculoskeletal structure Testes palpable/position of meatus on penis Any abnormalities of the genitalia Vaccines given during hospital stay Any evidence of possible infection in the neonate Reflex or condition to be assessedDescribe ReflexWhen should this reflex disappear and what does it mean if this reflex is abnormal?Gag reflex  Rooting reflex  Sucking/swallow reflex  Moro reflex  Plantar grasp  Palmer grasp reflex  Babinski reflex   Describe at least three positions that can be used to assist with breastfeeding.  Describe several advantages of breastfeeding and at least three nursing interventions you can provide to your patients to promote successful breastfeeding.  Provide at least four nursing interventions you can provide to your patients to promote successful bottle feeding.  Discuss five teaching topics regarding newborn care. Describe how you accessed high quality electronic sources of healthcare information on this unit. Discuss how you performed nursing skills using technology competently on this unit. Give 3 examples of how you gathered data utilizing technology on this unit. Discuss your ability to navigate the electronic health record (EHR) on this unit. If you were not able to navigate the EHR on this unit .Then discuss the use of it on another unit, such as med/surg/peds unit. Please include references.    Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 2437

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