Marites T. is a 45-year-old female salesperson with a diagno

Marites T. is a 45-year-old female salesperson with a diagnosis of… Marites T. is a 45-year-old female salesperson with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis 3 years prior to admission (PTA). The client complained and verbalized, “swelling and burning pain in my hands for 1 day”. Marites was diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis at age 41 years by a company physician. Since that time her “flare-ups” seem to come every 6 to 8 months. Acute episodes involve hand joints and are treated with aspirin, which gives relief. Typically experiences morning stiffness, lasting for 1 hour. Joints feel warm, swollen, tender. Has had weight loss of 15 lbs over the past 4 years and feels fatigued much of the time. States should rest more, but “I can’t take the time.” Daily exercises have been prescribed but I don’t do them regularly. Takes aspirin for acute flare-ups, feels better in a few days, and decreases dose by herself. Body joints within normal limits with exception of joints of wrist and hands. Radiocarpal, metacarpophalangeal, and proximal interphalangeal joints are red, swollen, and tender to palpation. Spindle-shaped swelling of proximal interphalangeal joints of 3rd digit right hand and 2nd digit left hand; ulnar deviation of metacarpophalangeal joints.   TOPICPRESENT AND PAST HEALTH CONCERNFAMILY HISTORYLIFESTYLE AND HEALTH PRACTICESUBJECTIVE   TOPICNORMALABNORMALREFERENCEOBJECTIVE:POSTURE AND GAITINSPECTIONPALPATION   OBJECTIVE:TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINTINSPECTIONPALPATION   OBJECTIVE:STERNOCLAVICULAR JOINTINSPECTIONPALPATION    OBJECTIVE:CERVICAL, THORACIC, LUMBAR INSPECTIONPALPATION Range of Motion is Normal-Patient performed flexion and extension movements properlyThere is no back and leg pain palpated and identified-There is no reaction of the patientFindings are normal no deformities or any abnormal color – Clear and normal upon observationNo tenderness-No reaction and verbalized pain of the patient at allAll symmetrical. No Abnormalities since the patient was assessed with no any difficulties in the range of motion, back and leg pain, and no abnormalities identified in performing the palpation method on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region. The spine is symmetrical. Brazier, Y. (2021, November 12). What is RA? Symptoms, treatments, causes, and all else you need to know.  OBJECTIVE:SHOULDER, ARM, INSPECTIONPALPATION Range of Motion is Normal -Patient flexion, abduction, extension and external rotations are normal and both sides are symmetrical.  The Patient shoulder can perform abduction,extension and external rotations movements properly, the shoulder and arm are both symmetrical. OBJECTIVE:ELBOW, WRISTINSPECTIONPALPATION    OBJECTIVE:HAND AND FINGERSINSPECTIONPALPATION    OBJECTIVE:HIPSINSPECTIONPALPATION It has a normal range of motion. The lateral rotation of the patient’s hips is normal, as is the medical rotation.There are no abnormalities in the patient’s situation. Except for her wrist and hand joints, the patient claims that after taking aspirin, all of her body joints return to normal. OBJECTIVE:KNEESINSPECTIONPALPATION    OBJECTIVE:ANKLES AND FEETINSPECTIONPALPATION     Health Science Science Nursing

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