Make the nursing diagnosis acc to priority and made NCP Case

Make the nursing diagnosis acc to priority and made NCP Case… Make the nursing diagnosis acc to priority and made NCPCase Scenario “Oh, this is awful” Jenny muttered to herself. She was sitting on the toilet with a pair of very wet panties and slacks around her ankles. Jenny said that she never knew when it would hit, this need to urinate quickly. She would find herself running to the bathroom like a woman possessed and then usually not making it in time. “It also seems like I’m ‘peeing’ all the time, she said. “This is getting old and is not fun at all.”Nursing Assessment ? Jenny Hill is an 82 yr old woman who lives in a home for elderly women. She has trouble controlling her urination. She finds that when she has to urinate, she has to get to the bathroom quickly or she will wet her panties. She has started wearing incontinence pads, but she hates them because they are uncomfortable, and she’s afraid they show when she wears pants. Also they cost a lot of money. ? She finds herself getting up to urinate two to three times per night. Sometimes she finds she really smells of urine in the morning, and her sheets are wet with urine. She limits her usual social activities because of the possible embarrassment of smelling like urine. ? Over the last week she has decrease drinking tea, coffee and other fluids during the day. ? She makes an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to discuss her problem. Mrs. Hill complained that she had some vaginal pain and burning. ? Vitals taken by nurse were 128/92, P-96 R-22 T-36.2 wt 136lb. The nurse noted that she looked pale, had chapped lips and dark circle under eyes. Last week Mrs. Hill weighed 142lbs.Health Science Science Nursing CDM 102

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