Leadership Case: The Impaired Nurse Several of a nurse’s pat

Leadership Case: The Impaired Nurse Several of a nurse’s patients… Leadership Case: The Impaired Nurse Several of a nurse’s patients over the last few weeks have stated they are not getting any pain medication. However, the nurse has charted medication administration for these patients. What is the nurse manager’s best initial action to address the situation?a.Call security and have them escort the nurse to the emergency department.b.Gather data on the nurse’s behavior, medication delivery, and charting inconsistencies.c.Confront the nurse the next time the nurse gets pain medications.d.Stop the nurse in the hallway and ask why these patients are saying they did not get pain medication. 2.A nurse manager who grew up in a home with an alcoholic father suspects an unlicensed assistive person (UAP) of alcohol abuse and possibly coming to work impaired. In order to fairly deal with the UAP, what should the nurse manager consider as an immediate priority?a.Call the state board of nursing to inquire about nursing treatment programs.b.Confront the UAP about suspicions of alcohol impairment.c.Examine personal biases related to chemical and alcohol dependence.d.Review hospital policies and procedures on chemical impairment. 3.A chemically impaired nurse has voluntarily entered a state diversion program for treatment. What is the most important function of the diversion program?a.Public safetyb.Suspension of impaired nursesc.Nurse reentry to practiced.Treatment for addiction 4.A nurse educator is providing an in-service on substance abuse among nurses. Which substance does the nurse educator stress is the most frequently abused?a.Morphineb.Meperidinec.Alcohold.Oxycodone 5.A chemically impaired nurse asks the nurse manager to serve as treatment counselor. What is the nurse manager’s best response to the nurse?a.I’m glad you came to me. Let’s talk about what has led you to this point and what I can do to help.b.It is important that you receive counseling from someone with expertise in this area. Here are some resources we have.c.I’m sorry but I can’t help you. You need to find help, or you may lose your job.d.I am happy that you trust me to assist in your recovery. Let’s set up a regular schedule to meet. 6.A nurse manager is implementing a comprehensive program to prevent the chances of chemical impairment in the work setting. What should the nurse manager include as part of the program?a.Implement mandatory staffing ratios with mandatory overtime as necessary to meet ratiosb.Train and assign a dedicated narcotic administration nurse for each shiftc.Provide continuing education on substance use and its detection in the workplaced.Develop a zero-tolerance policy that mandates immediate termination if impaired 7.A nurse manager suspects a staff nurse of being chemically impaired. Which changes may have prompted the nurse manager to suspect impairment? (Select all that apply.)a.Defensiveness related to high frequency of medication errorsb.Poor handwriting for nursing notesc.Increasing absences without adequate explanationd.Reports that a patient’s pain medication regimen is ineffectivee.Frequent breaks and leaving the unit without explanationf.Frequently volunteering to pull narcotics for other nurses 8.A chemically impaired night shift nurse has completed a treatment program and is returning to the work setting. The nurse manager is reviewing reentry guidelines with the returning nurse. What should the returning nurse expect as part of these guidelines? (Select all that apply.)a.Give an in-service to unit nurses about his experience in the drug treatment programb.Provide evidence of continued involvement in support groups (e.g., Narcotics Anonymous)c.Peer mentoring and support from a successfully recovered nursed.Assignment to the day shift for the first two months after returning to worke.Consent to random urine screening for drugs and alcohol     Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4200

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