Labor and Delivery: Miss CR: A 35-year-old G1P0 client prese

Labor and Delivery: Miss CR: A 35-year-old G1P0 client presents to… Labor and Delivery: Miss CR: A 35-year-old G1P0 client presents to labor and delivery triage at 40 weeks and 1 day gestation. The client is accompanied by her husband, and they note being “very excited” to meet their new baby. The client notes that she thinks her water may have broken and she may be in labor. She states she is contracting every 3-4 minutes and they are strong. The client is planning an un-medicated birth with a midwife and reports an uncomplicated pregnancy. The nurse documents the following findings from the prenatal record and the client’s report. •Blood type A pos, GBS neg, HIV- neg, GC/Chlamydia-neg. Rubella: immune HBsAg; NegRPR (syphilis): NR. Hgb 8.0 HCT; 24. Platelets; 109•Normal ultrasound findings at 20 weeks with posterior placentaAssessment Blood pressure = 110/68 •Heart rate = 88. Temp 98.2 RR 20FHR 129. Contractions every 2-3 minutes lasting 60ss. Leaking clear amniotic fluid.  1What Lab result is of concern and should be reported to the MDA. Blood type Apos, Hgb 8.0 and Rubella immuneB. Blood type Apos GBS neg and Platelets 109C. Hgb 8.0, HCT 24 and platelets 109 1b. Explain the following:A. Acceleration, variability, late deceleration, variable deceleration, and early decelerationB. Give examples of non-reassuring heart rate patterns  High Risk : Mrs. M is a 20-year-old, primigravida at 34 weeks gestation admitted to the high-risk unit. During a clinic visit her BP was 146/ 94 confirmed with a second BP of 150/95. She complained of headache and swelling of her lower extremities.  On admission; BP 165/105, HR 80, RR 18. 1+ edema of the lower extremity.Labs; urinalysis 3+ protein, creatine 2.2 mg/dl, Hgb 12.0 gm/dl, platelets 200. Liver enzymes were within normal limits. Orders were given for magnesium 4-g loading dose and 2-g/hr maintenance dose. 1; Based on the information given, what is the diagnosis for this client?Explain the following continuum of gestational hypertension1. Severe preeclampsia2. Eclampsia Maternal and Newborn: Ms. S. A., a 36-year-old multigravida, gave birth vaginally to an infant girl 10 hours ago. The nurse is using the B-U-B-B-L-E-H-E format to assess her patient. On assessing the fundal height, location, and consistency. The fundus is noted to be displaced laterally to the right and there is uterine atony.The nurse should which of the following conditions as the cause of the uterine atony. A. Poor involutionB. Urinary retentionC. HemorrhageD. Infection1. What are some risk factors of sub-involution?  NB Nursery: Baby Boys Rivers is 15 hours old. It is time to take the infant vital signs. The nurse understands that the following finding warrants further assessment and notification to the provider.A. RR-66, HR 168B. RR- 56; HR 146C. RR-42; HR 160D. RR-46; HR 1481B. Explain two ways of maintaining thermoregulation in the newborn.   Health Science Science Nursing NR 327

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