Kyle is a 30-year-old man who has a mild intellectual disabi

Kyle is a 30-year-old man who has a mild intellectual disability… Kyle is a 30-year-old man who has a mild intellectual disability and clinical depression. He is currently living at home with his elderly parents. He works two days a week in supported employment as a kitchen hand and attends day programs which include creative art, photography and music which he really enjoys. His other passions include cricket, movies and animals. Growing up he used to always say he wanted to be a vet.Kyle spends a lot of his spare time with his girlfriend Annie. She is known to have mistreated Kyle in the past by being verbally aggressive to him. His family are worried that she is also taking advantage of his generosity and accessing his pension money to purchase items for herself. This only leaves Kyle with his wages from his employment which doesn’t cover his costs for home and entertainment. He has said to his parents he wants more money to do the things he loves. His parents have asked Annie to stop asking Kyle for money but she hasn’t. Kyle doesn’t know how to stand up to Annie.Kyle has recently started to show signs that his depression is deepening and his family are concerned about his mental health. He has stopped attending his day programs and is also avoiding going to work saying he is “bored and doesn’t like it anymore”. He is beginning to withdraw from his family and Annie. His diet has become quite poor, often not eating or eating junk food. He has also stopped taking care of his personal hygiene. Kyle’s family are very concerned for his wellbeing and are seeking support to help him re-engage in his work and day programs.As one of Kyle’s support workers, you have also noticed these changes in his behaviour and his family have come to you for some support and requested a meeting between Kyle, yourself and the family. 1What do you think are potential causes for Kyle’s deepening depression? 2What are the indications that his depression is getting worse? 3Describe what is happening to Kyle that indicates he is being abused financially. 4aWho can the family discuss the suspected financial abuse with in order to gain support and advice? 4bAs a support worker who would you need to report this suspected financial abuse to? 5aKyle wants to move out of home, do you consider this to be reasonable given his current stage of life and circumstances? 5bHow can you provide support to Kyle in achieving this goal? 5cWhat services could you refer Kyle and his family to in regard to assisting him with his independent living goal? 6What suggestions would you make to Kyle in regard to services and activities available to him to promote his wellbeing? Include potential changes to daily activities, living arrangements and personal relationships. Provide a suggested activity or support for each area listed.Healthy eating habits – suggested activity or supportPersonal hygiene – suggested activity or supportBudgeting – suggested activity or supportConfidence – suggested activity or supportEmployment – suggested activity or supportIndependent living – suggested activity or supportPersonal relationships – suggested activity or support: 7How can creating an individualised care plan for Kyle develop his confidence, self-esteem and help him identify his own strengths?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING CHCCCS023

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