Jesse is an enrolled nurse working at Sunset Aged Care. She

Jesse is an enrolled nurse working at Sunset Aged Care. She has… Jesse is an enrolled nurse working at Sunset Aged Care. She has been employed at the facility for the last 3 years, most recently working in the dementia care unit. Although it was Jesse’s request to work in this area, she is starting to find it more and more of a challenge. She is passionate about aged care and has a great rapport with the residents, but has discovered that she is becoming increasingly impatient and leaving work feeling frustrated and fatigued. Jesse’s partner has noticed a change in her over the last month and is becoming quite concerned, suggesting that maybe she needs to talk to someone about the challenges she is facing at work.Jesse is not comfortable discussing this with anyone at work, so decides to sit down with her friend Mary who has been working in a similar environment for over 20 years. Mary tells Jesse that she was in the same situation a few years ago and managed to find some effective ways to manage her stress. She emphasised the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising to help prevent stress in general. Mary also found that painting and meditation were good ways to manage and reduce her stress. She suggests that Jesse should initially keep a diary to make a note of what causes her stress and what her response is to that source of stress. Then after a few weeks, Mary suggests that she develop a personal stress management plan with that information.   After chatting to Mary, Jesse decides to take some of her advice. She starts a 30-minute walk every day before work, goes to bed earlier, and eats more fruits and vegetables. Although she feels that these strategies have reduced her overall stress, there are still times at work when she loses her cool. Jesse starts keeping a diary, as Mary suggested, to find out her triggers of stress. After making notes for 2 weeks, Jesse discovers that there are three main sources of stress for her: one of the residents, who becomes quite violent sometimes without warning; her colleague that is constantly late for work, creating a need for Jesse to take on some of her workloads; and the new facility manager, who calls each staff member into her office each week for “feedback on their performance”.Jesse decides that with this information, it may be beneficial to develop a plan to address these stressors.  1   With the information, you have been given (and your own knowledge). Do a  stress management plan for Jesse using the template below.  Jesse’s stress management plan     Sources of stress                        Responses to stress           Ways to reduce stress      Ways to manage stress                Internal optionsfor support  1. 2. 3.External optionsfor support  1. 2. 3.         Health Science Science Nursing NURSING HLTWHS006

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