Jeremy is 32 and for the last six months he has been living

Jeremy is 32 and for the last six months he has been living in… Jeremy is 32 and for the last six months he has been living in supported accommodation around the corner from his mum’s house where he had lived with her all his life. Jeremy is tall, well-built and has a moderate intellectual disability. His mum, Ruby, is still his guardian and loves him tremendously. She did everything for him all his life before age and various health conditions meant that she could no longer properly support him.Consequently, Jeremy is not very ‘streetwise’ although he has thrived in his new living situation. He loves having the freedom to choose when he gets up and goes to bed and what he eats. He shares the chores and facilities with ?ve other housemates as well as a staff member. His housemates are a diverse group, but they generally get along quite well. Dennis, a cantankerous, 63-year-old with a serious gambling habit, is the oldest housemate and he has adopted a fatherly attitude towards Jeremy since they have been living together. Dennis keeps telling Jeremy to take heed of what he says because ‘I’m an old coot and I been around the traps’.Dennis is vision impaired with only about 50 per cent sight in one eye and has bad hips and so is unable to walk far without pain. Dennis often gets Jeremy to do errands on his behalf to the shops and up to the pub to put on a bet. Once, on the way to collect Dennis’ winnings, two schoolkids asked Jeremy to see the betting ticket and when Jeremy handed it over they ran off with it.Despite this, Dennis is always encouraging Jeremy to ‘spread his wings’ and ‘get out on his own’. He says that Jeremy should set himself up and ?nd himself a girlfriend. Jeremy talks to Dennis a lot about girls.The next time Jeremy visits his mum, he asks if she can organise the money for him to rent his own ?at. Ruby tells Jeremy that she thinks he isn’t ready to make such a big move on his own. Jeremy tells her that Dennis has offered to share the place with him, at least until he ‘?nds his feet’.1.Explain the power Dennis and Ruby each have to influence Jeremy.Health Science Science Nursing CHCECE CHCDIS001

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