Jake’s Story Jake is a 15 year old Caucasian male who lives

Jake’s Story Jake is a 15 year old Caucasian male who lives at home… Jake’s Story Jake is a 15 year old Caucasian male who lives at home with his mum Lisa, his step dad Kevin and step sister Ruby. They live in Wallan, Victoria. Jake attends High School at Wallan High and has just commenced Year 10. Jake’s father Darren Roberts, lives in Cairns and is the owner/operator of a diving boat tour there. Jake spends school holidays with his dad and they share a good relationship.Lisa, Kevin, Jake and Ruby live happily in a 3 bedroom single story home on the outskirts of town. Jake plays AFL for Wallan under 16s and also plays in the school team. He is looking forward to the season starting and has commenced preseason training.  He swims and water skis in the summer. He enjoys spending time with his Dad in Cairns especially when they have the opportunity to go snorkelling on the reef. Medical HistoryJake’s medical history consists of Asthma which he was diagnosed with at age 7. He is prescribed Salbutamol MDI and Seretide MDI for his Asthma. His Asthma is well controlled and does not interfere with is sport. Jake has received all his Childhood Immunisations and considers himself to be fit and healthy.Current DiagnosisOver the last two months Lisa had noticed that Jake has not been himself.  She first thought that he looked to have lost some weight and then realised that he was always tired (more than usual for a teenage boy) and seemed to have lost interest in everything. He had declined to go water skiing the last two times he had been invited by friends and this was not like him.She then noticed that he was always hungry and seemed to be constantly thirsty. When Lisa talked about this with Jake he admitted that he was feeling terrible and was needing to get out of bed to go to the toilet a couple of times every night.Lisa and Jake then visited their family G.P. who performed a Blood Glucose Level (BGL) and Urinalysis.He immediately arranged for Jakes admission to hospital under the local Paediatrician. This Case Study will introduce the concepts of acute nursing care related to the management of a patient with newly diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 with a history of Asthma. It will also explore care across the lifespan, communication skills, legal considerations, psychosocial care, patient education and the impact of hospitalisation upon the family unit.  Q.Describe the Acute Complications of Diabetes MellitusDescribe the Chronic Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Develop and Deliver an age appropriate Patient Education Session for a newly diagnosed patient with Diabetes mellitus using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle.Develop an ISBAR handover for a patient with Diabetes Mellitus in relation to their discharge. Health Science Science Nursing NSG 2ANA

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