is my paper in correct APA format with the in-text citations

is my paper in correct APA format with the in-text citations and… is my paper in correct APA format with the in-text citations and reference list?Natalie SlaninaProfessor Khilnani Bio 252March 9, 2022Week 2 Case Study: Multiple SclerosisWhat cellular structure is degenerating and rebuilding in MS?MS is thought to be a disease that is attacking a person immune system by attacking the oligodendrocytes. Oligodendrocytes are what create the myelin sheath in the CNS. The damage that is caused to the myelin sheaths causes issues with the neuron to function properly. It can cause issues with signal transmission becoming slowed, blocked or causing the signals to cross over to the demyelinated axons. (Saladin et al., 2021).   Does this explain the progression we see with the signs and symptoms?Yes, the thirty-year-old patient presents with tingling that was causing mild discomfort, but over the years the mild discomfort turned into a pain and tingling, this is one of the most common symptoms of MS. According to the Mayo clinic, the signs and symptoms can present differently, over time the affected nerve fiber will cause certain effects on movement. It also states that many times the symptoms will improve partially or completely, but the patient will have relapses over periods of times. (Mayo Clinic, 2022)                                                                                                                    When there are issues with the neural tissue like this, they will often look into the eye. Why?  MS is a disease that can cause issues with the optic nerves, through what is called optic neuritis. Optic neuritis is when the immune system attacks the myelin sheaths covering the optic nerve causing inflammation which results in damage. The patient will normally only have one eye effected at a time and the symptoms normally go away after a few days or weeks. ( Johnson, 2019)Here are three early symptoms. That we might see in MS. Assign them to whether they are part of the sensory, motor or autonomic nervous system. Afterward, try to describe how MS would cause these symptoms.Dysarthria- the muscles used for speech are weak or the patient has trouble controlling them, can cause slurred speech. (Mayo Clinic, 2022)Paresthesia-  an abnormal sensation causing one to feel pins and needles in a certain area, caused by pressure or damage to the peripheral nerves. ( Mayo Clinic, 2022)Constipation- causing one to have less than three bowel movements a week, causing a person to have trouble passing stool.  A person with MS can experience all three of these issue because they all rely on the ability for the neuron to be able to function properly and since a result of MS is to attack the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerve fibers have become damaged. (Mayo Clinic, 2022).                                                                                                      References Johnson J. (2019). How does MS affect the eyes?. Medical News Today. Clinic. (2022). Multiple sclerosis.,and%20spinal%20cord%20(myelin).Saladin, K. S., Gan, C. A., & Cushman, H. N. (2021). Nervous Tissue. Anatomy & physiology: the unity of form and function (9th ed., 427.). McGraw-Hill Education.Health Science Science Nursing BIO 252

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