Introduction Select a nursing theory applicable to your area

Introduction Select a nursing theory applicable to your area of… IntroductionSelect a nursing theory applicable to your area of practice. Describe the components of the nursing theory and how it relates to your area of nursing practice. My answer: Discussion – Nursing Theory        Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relationships (TIR) emphasizes the need for effective relationships between nurses and their patients. The theory underpins how nurses can leverage their expertise to make friendly context for a patient to recover (Wasaya et al., 2021). As the Peplau’s TIR postulates, the nurse-patient interpersonal relationship is necessary since mentally-challenged patients tend to experience behavioral and mood changes. The theory provides relevant concepts that are applicable in managing mental health patient-provider relationships.           Peplau’s TIR comprises four components that are peculiar in mental healthcare: person, environment, health, and nursing. The “person” means patients. Mentally-ill individuals have needs, which nurses should be cognizant of as they provide healthcare services to them (Wasaya et al., 2021). The “environment” refers to external forces contextualized in the patient’s culture. The area where communications and cultures take place plays an important role in nursing practice (MARQUIS & Huston, 2020, p. 502). Peplau recommends that nurses respect the patients’ societal culture, among other things, acknowledging certain beliefs and norms and integrating them in the mental healthcare plans. Additionally, “nursing,” in a mental health setting is a therapeutic patient-provider interpersonal relationship. It connects with the fourth component, “health,” as it entails a nurse providing relevant healthcare services to improve the patient’s health. Thus, a mental health nurse can apply this theory in practice, considering its components.                                               References  MARQUIS, & Huston, C. (2020). Leader role Funct Nursg 10 (Us ed). LWW.  Wasaya, F., Shah, Q., Shaheen, A., & Carroll, K. (2021). Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations: A case study. Nursing Science Quarterly, 34(4), 368-371.   How would you respond to my answer to informative or uninformative or missing information?  why? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 4010

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