Introduction: Hi everyone, I’m RN Tom and I’m handing over J

Introduction: Hi everyone, I’m RN Tom and I’m handing over Jenny… Introduction: Hi everyone, I’m RN Tom and I’m handing over Jenny Harris, bed 12. 45-year-old female. Admitted at 11:00 as an involuntary patient. I have been looking after her for the last two hours. Situation: She was admitted today at 11:00 after she threatened her neighbours with a knife. She was intoxicated at the time and admits to taking methamphetamines today. She was brought in by ambulance and was aggressive, so paramedics gave her 5mg of droperidol IMI under restraint. She’s just come down from ED. We did a search when she came in and she had drugs on her person. Background: Jenny is a PD (borderline personality disorder), she is a drug addict. She is a frequent flyer, and gets admitted to the mental health unit about twice a month, usually after a drug binge. She is prescribed olanzapine 10 mg and venlafaxine XR 75 mg daily. Her sister said that recently she’s become more paranoid and isolated, and been taking more drugs. She has been posting strange messages on facebook. Her sister believes she might have stopped taking her medications, and she stops taking them all the time. Assessment: I have done her MSE and she has paranoid delusions and suicidal ideation. She is agitated and she keeps demanding to go home. She has no insight, and she’s quite manipulative, so be careful. She is drug-seeking and keeps asking for diazepam for anxiety and oxycodone for back pain. Her vital signs are all in normal range. I have taken bloods and a urine sample. She has taken her venlafaxine but is refusing to take the olanzapine. She has refused to shower, and is quite malodorous. She also wants to use her phone, but I told her it’s not allowed. She has type 2 diabetes and is obese, but she just ordered 2 large pizzas and a 1.5 L bottle of coke on Ubereats! Recommendation: She is becoming really aggressive, so we might need to restrain her and give her IM midazolam. She is on 30-minute observations but if she continues to escalate we might change her to continuous observations. Also, she has assaulted a lot of staff members in the past, so keep your distance and approach her in pairs. Don’t give her the ward phone, she’ll just order junk food and spend all her money. Also, tell her to shower if she wants to get discharged. Choose 1-3 items in this handover that do not demonstrate recovery-focused care, and discuss why they do not.Jenny has stopped taking olanzapine (an antipsychotic) because it makes her feel “fat and sedated”. Reflect on why many mental health clients do no take medication as prescribed. Based on this, discuss at least one way that a nurse can work with Jenny to promote collaboration.If Jenny was Indigenous, explain what actions you might take to ensure that you are providing culturally-safe care, and why this is important.Critically reflect on the role of stigma in mental health. What is mental illness stigma and what impact does it have on clients? Health Science Science Nursing NURS MENTALHEAL

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