Instructions Research two or more strategies that you can us

Instructions Research two or more strategies that you can use to… InstructionsResearch two or more strategies that you can use to overcome each of your assigned communication roadblocksCreate an interesting and engaging presentation to share your strategies with the class – powerpointPresentation must be referenced following APA styleEach presentation should have a reference slide(s) at the end (this will be the same format as a reference page in a paper)For quotes or paraphrases, use an in-text citation in the actual slide where it is used.Pictures or graphics used must be referenced with a full APA citation at the bottom of the slide (these would not have to be included in the reference slide(s)Your presentation must be 9-10 minutes in length, and each person must have an equal part.  Use chapter 4 of the textbook     For each topic: (we each present our own topics)Define what it isProvide examples through quotes and imagesRole play (other members of group can be in the role play)Discuss strategies to solve the situationAdd to a google slides presentationjjjj The topic is: Making Commonplace Comments”Making Commonplace CommentsIn the same way that the patient deserves to feel that the HCP is giving him or her undivided attention when the patient is speaking, the patient also deserves to feel that the HCP is bringing the full weight of his or her intelligence and thought to responses to the patient. The HCP who follows up a patient history with clichés such as, “That’s the way it is sometimes” or “It sounds like you’re between a rock and a hard place,” can cause the patient to feel that the HCP is just giving a mechanical, thoughtless response. The patient could feel as if the HCP did not even listen carefully in the first place. For example, a patient presenting with a urinary tract infection could easily be offended by an HCP who responded to the positive urine culture results by saying, “Well that explains the itch, doesn’t it?” A better response would be to say, “The test results confirm our suspicion of what was causing your symptoms.””   Please make the answers in jot note and write as many notes as you canHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 102

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