Instructions: Choose one of the example primary health promo

Instructions: Choose one of the example primary health promotion… Instructions:Choose one of the example primary health promotion pamphlets (from the assignment 2 module page) and use this piece of evidence as the focus point of your assessment- using the template provided to answer the set s. Students can, after consultation with Convenor/s, utilise a pamphlet they have sourced themselves if it aligns with the assessment design. Please answer the set s within the template (noting the approximate word length for each answer) which will relate to the following points:You will be expected to be able to outline the purpose of the pamphlet, and determine the target audience this  pamphlet is aimed at educating, for example health professionals, adult or child consumers, carers, etcetera. Describe the population group focused upon (e.g. people with a specific illness such as cancer, carers, Indigenous Australians, children, specific population groups) and the prevalence of that population group in the Australian community using recent statistical evidence. Discuss how the pamphlet reflects the primary healthcare strategies of health promotion, illness prevention and/or early intervention.Reflect on the purpose and intent of the chosen pamphlet ad consider how primary health care principles can be integrated by nurses across health care contexts. Use your previous or upcoming clinical placement to situate your reflection and discussion. Using your chosen pamphlet, consider the role of the nurse in primary health care broadly. Align and link your discussion about the nurses role in primary healthcare to the NMBA Standards for Practice (2016) to demonstrate your analysis.Support your assessment with appropriate and high quality evidence, i.e. is it current, relevant, by an authority, accurate, purposeful (CRAAP test- see link? (Links to an external site.) (Link for CRAAP test). Utilise APA (7th edition) guidelines for your essay structure and referencing formatting- please access the electronic library resources and Study Skills advisory staff for support.Formatting information: Students must use the template provided on Canvas to address this assessment, do not alter or edit the template structure (font or margins etc.). The reference list will be formatted at the end of the document in APA 7th edition referencing style. Word count for this assessment is 1200+/- 10%, this is inclusive of intext citations, and does not include the reference list.  Responses to the prompt s require an introductory sentence, a logical body to address thespecifics, and a concluding sentence. The responses will be clear, concise and grammatically correct with intext citations in APA 7th edition style. Please utilise the electronic library resources and Study Skills advisory staff for support with APA 7th edition referencing style. Health Science Science Nursing

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