INSTRUCTIONS 1. Register the following patients: (5 Marks) J

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Register the following patients: (5 Marks) Jessica… INSTRUCTIONS 1. Register the following patients: (5 Marks) Jessica Your last name. 87 Main Street West, Unit 32 Burlington, Ontario L8J 7K6 905-332-3948 Danielle Jackson your last name 4234 King Street East Burlington, Ontario L8K 5J7 Works for Bell Canada Please ensure all necessary demographic information has been entered. *Print out/screenshot patient labels (demographic labels) to show patients information. 2. Set up office for today and include the following information using template suggestions: (20 Marks) ? The office is running 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. ? The doctor is accepting all the annual health exams before lunch. ? The rest of the day is for the office visits. ? Lunch is 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. Schedule the following appointments using the information from your assignment: ? Jessica 2:00 pm to check left arm. ? Danielle 10:30 am for annual health exam. ? Patient 3 11:30 am to have their allergy injection (choose a patient from your computer). * Print out/screenshot a day sheet. * Print out/screenshot of your scheduler window. 3. Appointment changes: (10 Marks) ? Change the appointment for the last patient to 4:00 pm. ? Add one more patient’s appointment at any time to the day sheet. This patient will come in because he is complaining of headaches. Medical Software and Billing (MBLO) Assignment 2 September 8, 2021 3 * Print out/screenshot new appointment schedule (day sheet) to show the changes. 4. Billing Patients: (20 marks) Bill the patients for the services rendered. Produce appropriate documentation for billing. 1. Jessica Minor assessment, Dx: dermatitis. 2. Danielle Annual Health Exam, Urinalysis Dx: no diagnosis required 3. Patient 3 Limited Consult, Dx: Otitis media 4. Patient 4 General Assessment, Dx: Migraines *Screenshot of daily claims and an Accounts Receivable. 5. Appointment changes: (5 marks) Schedule a reassessment appointment for Jessica in 15 days’ time. *Print out/screenshot the schedule (day sheet) to show this appointmenHealth Science Science Nursing MOA MBL4

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