In the provided scenario (below) you are required to discuss

In the provided scenario (below) you are required to discuss the… In the provided scenario (below) you are required to discuss the ineffective communication that is evident between the nurse and the patient. You will also discuss and apply the communication skills, strategies and approaches that should have taken place to best support therapeutic communication between the nurse and patient. You will also discuss the inclusion of cultural awareness and self-awareness in relation to the scenario. Finally, you will describe your understanding of literacy skills for healthcare applied to this scenario Introduction (100 words) Discuss the scenario, key interpersonal communication strategies, skills and approaches that support therapeutic communication between individuals. In addition, the references to support the relevant concept of care for the chosen scenario. Body (800 words including references) 1. Provide an analysis of the ineffective communication between the individuals in the scenario. 2. Explain strategies, skills and approaches that best support therapeutic communication between the nurse and patient in the scenario, to achieve the best patient outcomes. 3. Discuss the inclusion of cultural awareness and self-awareness in the provision of therapeutic communications with the patient in the scenario. 4. Describe the relevance of literacy skills in the provision of effective communications in nursing practice. *Refer to scholarly literature (journal articles) to support your developed knowledge and understanding of the scenario with any analysis, discussions, and explanations in your essay. Conclusion (100 words) This is the summation of what you have discussed in your assignment and the conclusions you have made about your chosen scenario, relative to communication. Do not include any new information or references in the conclusion.  Scenario Tobias (Toby as he prefers to be called) is a fit and healthy 26year old male, admitted to hospital this afternoon with a fractured ankle, confirmed on Xray and requires surgery in the morning. Elevation of his leg to assist in the reduction of swelling and administration of pain medication has been ordered as part of his overnight nursing care. This is documented in the patient records and in the care plan. He is to remain on bed rest, with no toilet privileges overnight, to immobilise the ankle and reduce further swelling. In your introductions to ‘Toby’ at the start of your shift, you find him standing beside his bed, looking in his beside cupboard, while weight bearing on the affected limb. As you introduce yourself, he turns to respond, his voice slightly raised and facial expression of surprise. Toby states, “I know nurse, I am not supposed to be standing up, but I need my iphone to email my soccer coach to explain why I am not at training today, as he will be upset with me for not playing”. You explain to Toby why he must immediately return to his bed and not place any weight on his ankle, potentially causing further damage to his ankle injury. As he attempts to walk back to bed unassisted, partially hopping, he grimaces with the pain and moans out loud. You then state, “Toby, you must not do this again before your surgery tomorrow. You risk causing more damage to your fracture and then you may not play soccer for a very long time.” Toby looks at you, with fixed eye contact and a stern frown, then states in a very loud voice, “That is a terrible thing to say to an athlete! Are you trying to scare me even more? Just go away nurse and leave me alone.  Writing & formatting requirements • This assignment will be written in third person, in the form of an academic essay. APA 7th Edition referencing style (no less than 6 references)1,000 words total (+/-10%) (Word length includes in-text referencing and excludes the reference list. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 1102

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