In the Philippines, there are about 82,000 Filipino children

In the Philippines, there are about 82,000 Filipino children dying… In the Philippines, there are about 82,000 Filipino children dying annually before they reach their firstbirthday. Childhood death rates in the Philippines showed a downward trend from 1993 to 2003 with thedecline decelerating in the last 10 years. While the under-five mortality rate significantly decreased from72 per 1000 live births (LB) in 1983 to 43 per 1000 LB in 1998, it decreased to only 42 per 1000 LB in2003. The infant mortality and child death rates exhibited similar trend over the same period. The infantand child deaths respectively decreased to 31 and 17 per 1000 LB from 1983 to 1998 but slowed downin the last decade. Infant deaths stagnated at 30 per 1000 LB in 2003 and child deaths remained at thesame level of 17 per 1000 LB a decade earlier. Neonatal and post-neonatal deaths declined theslowest over the past 20 years with reduction of only 9 percent and 7 percent from 1988 to 2003respectivelyA very good rationale for the adoption of the IMCI strategy is the prevailing realities of the local healthcare delivery system, where health facilities are poorly equipped, with often stock-outs of essentialdrugs and medicines and the limited opportunities of health staff to practice their skills in themanagement and treatment of diseases. IMCI addresses the challenge for providing quality care tosick children where diagnostic supports are limited. Health workers rely on clinical assessment todetermine the course of treatment that best uses available resources. 1. Who is your patient? What are your assessment findings for your patient (please adhere to IMCIprotocol for your assessment). Exhaustively describe all your findings.2. What would be your diagnosis for your patient? Properly justify using available objectiveassessment findings. Make sure to have ample justification for the prioritization of yourdiagnosis.3. Using the IMCI protocol how would you deal with your patient? What will be the things that youwill be doing? Describe everything in your presentation from start to the end of your treatment.4. What would be your teaching strategy? Who will you teach? Make a teaching material/video foryour clients.Health Science Science Nursing NURSING CHN211

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