i need grand matrix for BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER HEALTHCARE li

i need grand matrix for BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER HEALTHCARE like this… i need grand matrix for BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER HEALTHCARE like this photo and point at what quadrant the hospital should be https://www.coursehero.com/file/70667854/BMC-SWOT-Analysisdocx/StrengthsPatient safety should always be the focus of any healthcare facility, followed closely by patient satisfaction. Baptist Medical Center, or BMC, is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the health of the community and individuals in need through responsible action and charitable service. The Baptist Medical Center mission statement is “At Baptist Health, our mission is to continue the healing ministry of Christ by providing accessible, quality health care services at a reasonable cost in an atmosphere that fosters respect and compassion.” This organization is continuing to provide facilities that will improve the access to care. This section of the paper will focus on the strengths within this corporation.One of the major strengths that Baptist Medical Center possesses is that they have received many awards as well as accommodations for being the best at what they do. For example, this organization has held the National Research Corporation award for Jacksonville’s most Preferred Healthcare Provider since 1990. This is a huge achievement not only for the hospital, but for the patients as well. Patients want to feel like they are receiving the best possible care without the risk of the focus being strictly on a financial aspect.Baptist Medical Center focuses on giving back to the community which is a huge strength because it allows for patients to feel like this organization is trying to help in areas that may be lacking within the community. On the Baptist website, under a section entitled Social Responsibility, Baptist states “As the only community-owed, locally-governed, not-for-profit health system in Northeast Florida, caring for the entire community is one of our core values. Baptist Health is committed to building a healthier community for all of us. This is our socialresponsibility. To do that, we find solutions to unmet needs affecting the health of our citizens at every stage of life.”The last strength that will be discussed for this organization is that of diversity and inclusion. Baptist Medical Center places a huge respect to diversity and inclusion and makes sure that each patient will receive the best care no matter their age, race, gender, sexual preference, language, or religion. Although Baptist is a faith-based organization it offers several social services for other faiths. There are multiple services that BMC provides that makes sure the access to language interpreters are being met in order to allow the patients to understand and receive the best possible care. This is a definite strength within the healthcare organization because when it comes to medical care, it can be a very scary time and by going that extra mile and having someone that can fully explain to the patient in the language that they speak will allow a sense of safety and understanding for that patient. The Baptist system also has over 9,000 employees with various backgrounds.WeaknessesBaptist Medical Center is one of the top health care organizations in Jacksonville; however, with 6 major hospitals, 10 freestanding emergency care facilities and specialty clinics and surgery centers all throughout the north east Florida, south east Georgia region, they are bound to have some weaknesses In this section we will look at some of the major weaknesses within this organization.One of the main weaknesses that BMC has is that although they are widespread in their region, they still have a lot of competition. When looking at the competition BMC has less of a global recognition. The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is known for its state of the art research and cutting edge technology, as well as their world renowned physicians. The other hospitals in the area include much larger, nationwide systems such as HCA, Ascension, and Advent Health. The Jacksonville community is constantly growing, and these hospitals are much more recognized and trusted by people that are new to the area. The other major hospital in town is University of Florida Health. This hospital is tied to the University that is known to produce top doctors.When looking at Baptist’s contracts with third party payers the fact that there is a lot of competition can affect if these parties will renew the contracts with them. Third party payers could go into contract with a competitor and not renew with Baptist.OpportunitiesThere are several opportunities for Baptist Medical Center to continue to grow in the community. Baptist has the edge over its competitors in the pediatric market. The system includes a major pediatric hospital that has teamed up with physicians from Nemours, one of the leading pediatric specialty clinics in the country, and the pediatric Neurosurgeons from UF Health. They have been operating together since the early 1990’s and have continued to expand adding several free-standing pediatric emergency rooms in the city.Baptist is now also seeking approval for a 7th major hospital in the neighboring city of St. Johns, complete with surgery center, emergency room and retail spaces. St. Johns county is currently the fastest growing county in Florida. With this expansion they would be able to cater to the population south of Jacksonville and north of Daytona. There are only 2 other major hospital systems in that area to serve this quickly expanding community.Another growth opportunity for Baptist is in it’s interest to become a Level one Trauma center. Recently, Baptist medical center upgraded their pediatric hospital, Wolfson Children’s Hospital to a level one trauma center. This diverts the children 16 years old and younger that used to be transported to UF Health, the other level on trauma center in the city, to Baptist. Thishas given them the opportunity to increase emergency room visits in turn increasing revenue in the emergency department. They also have opened a stroke center to emergently take in stroke victims.ThreatsWith technology taking over within healthcare, security is the number one threat to Baptist Medical Center. On October 1st, 2015 a data breach exposed the medical records and protected information of over 6,500 patients. Breach notification letters were sent to patients on October 1, alerting them to the privacy breach. This was within the time frame required by the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, although it has taken some time for further information about the data breach to emerge. Baptist Health launched an investigation into the privacy breach and determined that patient lists had been exported and the data “included contact information consistent with the reported marketing contacts.” This was a breach of privacy policy at Baptist Health, and occurred without the healthcare provider’s knowledge.Another threat to Baptist is the lack of qualified healthcare employees and the abundance of competition to hire them. Although schools in the area are constantly pumping out new healthcare workers, due to Baptist’s non-profit status, there are so many hospitals in the area that can offer higher pay and more affordable benefits. Although they attempt to stay competitive among the competing employers, they have had to start offering incentives such as signing bonuses to recruit employees. Baptist has also started several programs to train current ancillary staff to transition them into allied health positions to fill the need.Strategic StepsWhen looking at the strategic planning steps for Baptist Medical Center there are many things that can be implemented in order to negate some of their weaknesses. One of the thingsthat they are already doing to stand out amongst their competition is to sponsor local events. Baptist Medical Center hosts the PGA tour every year, which draws people from all around the world. They also have a heavy presence in fund raising activities such as the annual heart and diabetes walk.To attract and keep employees they should focus on the working environment. They need to be sure that all employees are happy, not just physicians and nurses. Once the ancillary staff begins to leave it puts pressure on all other staff and creates a hostile working environment. If all employees are happy and recognized it makes for a better team overall. Many large companies look over the little guys and give all of the praise to their meat and potatoes staff. It makes the ones who do lot of the behind the scenes work left feeling unappreciated and forgotten.Realistic goals and objectives are essential to long term success within any organization. With the issues of competition for employees Baptist Medical Center has made it a goal to team up with top quality colleges to conquer this issue within a couple of years. HCA can also consider implementing an objective or goal to direct hire physicians along with all other medical staffing. By direct hiring all employee HCA will save on payroll, lawsuits, and any other expenses that come along with contract employees. If HCA creates obtainable goals and objectives based on care for patients along with staff, they will continue to be successful.¬†Health Science Science Nursing MGMT 301

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