I need a response to this passage What does it mean if a cli

I need a response to this passage What does it mean if a client is… I need a response to this passageWhat does it mean if a client is admitted to the hospital voluntarily versus involuntarily?Voluntary admission is when an individual directly apply for Mental Health services, and he may sign out or stay as long as treatment is needed. Although, the voluntary status may change to involuntary if the individual is found to be harmful to self or others following a mental status examination by the healthcare provider.In contrast, involuntary admission happens when the individual is in imminent danger to self or others, or unable to care for his own basic personal needs.”Each year, more than 1 million persons are admitted to healthcare facilities for psychiatric treatment; of these admissions, approximately two-thirds are considered voluntary.” (Morgan, & Townsend, 2020, p. 52).Are mentally ill clients more violent than the general population?Violence is usually associated with mental illness, although this is a myth, as the mentally ill is usually under treatment thus controlling many of the symptoms including aggressive behaviors.Communities where the index of crimes and violence are high may be affected by social, economic, and environmental factors, including poverty, lack of education and lack social capital. Also, co-occurring alcohol and substance use and abuse, adverse childhood experiences, or family issues can cause people to become violent. “People with mental illness are more likely to be a victim of violent crime than the perpetrator.” (Ghiasi et al., 2022) Describe appropriate nursing care for a client who is in restraints.Assess patient for safety, physical needs, and correct placement of restraints, and reposition patient as needed.Routinely check the patient’s circulation, skin condition, and complications, including pressure ulcers, hypostatic pneumonia, constipation, incontinence, and even death. Offer the patient food, fluids, and toileting.Monitor patient for vital signs and pain, and administer medications as prescribed. “Restraint or seclusion must be  discontinued when the client is exhibiting behavior that is safer and quieter.”(Holman et al., 2019)What are some instances where restraints should never be used?Restrains should never be used to punish the patient or for staff convenience, and never be used on patients who are physically or mentally unstable Health Science Science Nursing NURSING RN NSG325

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