I need a response to this passage 1. What type of qualitativ

I need a response to this passage 1. What type of qualitative… I need a response to this passage 1. What type of qualitative approach did the researcher use?In this qualitative study, Tan et al., (2017) stressed on “more exploration about hypertensive patient’s view towards quality use of medication and management at a community level”. (p.1). The researcher utilized a phenomenology qualitative approach. This involved use of focus groups and interviews to acquire and understand the living experiences of the participants. Tan et al., (2017) used a sample of 17 patients for the interview. Responses of the interviews and naires were recorded in audio format and evaluated using English.2. What type of sampling method did the researcher use? Is it appropriate for the study?To obtain data, the researcher used a technique called purposive sampling (Tan et al., 2017). All the selected participants had different and potential set of characteristics for generation of relevant and quality data. The selected participants were chosen based on age, living environment and a wide choice of blood pressure values. Purposive sampling is appropriate for the qualitative study because the technique enhances explicit data gathering and qualitative responses from the selected participants thus resulting to more clear and precise results in the research.3. Was the data collection focused on human experiences?Data collection was focused on human experiences. Phenomenology research method was utilized in this study for exploration of hypertensive patient’s view towards quality use of medication and hypertension treatment (Tan et al., 2017). Therefore, the method of research enabled significance, characteristics and participant’s experience.4. Was issues of protection of human subjects addressed?Protection of human subjects was accurately addressed. All the selected participants for this study were required to complete an informed consent form. An informed consent form was appropriate for this study because the participants were required to provide clear and precise information for the research study ?(Tan et al.,2017).5. Did the researcher describe data saturation?Yes. There was description of data saturation. However, data saturation was not clearly defined as it is required. Tan et al., (2017) elaborated data saturation as the reoccurrence of human participation. This was describes as ethnographic. This is because at a particular stage, participants agreed to lack awareness to use the medications for hypertension.6. What procedure for collecting data did the researcher use?Focus group discussion procedure was in the study (Tan et al., 2017). They were inform of audio tape and later translated into English by two experts in English translation. The English version was further improved for linguistic assurance, accuracy and dependability.7. What strategies did the researcher use to analyze the data?Textual material with content analysis approach. Tan et al., (2017) analyzed textual material and viewed it repeatedly to find accurate themes and categories. Several codes were discovered with algometric quotations coded with appropriate codes. Therefore, coding was utilized to address all the section of the material.8. Does the researcher address credibility (can you appreciate the truth of the patient’s experience), auditability (can you follow the researcher’s thinking, does the research document the research process) and fittingness are the results meaningful, is analysis strategy compatible with the purpose of the study) of the data?Credibility was utilized through the presentation of findings and solicitation of input to ensure the information from the participants reflected accuracy towards to researcher’s goal. Auditability of the research was top notch. The research process was generated and documented and through the organization of the study, I was able to follow the thinking of the researcher. Findings were effective and significant, there was evidence that the participants in the study lacked awareness in antihypertensive medication (Tan et al., 2017).9.  What is your cosmic ? (This is ayou ask your peers to respond to based on the chapter discussed in class this week i.e. Qualitative studies).Why is qualitative research important? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 410

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