i need a response to the passage in summary. please say whet

i need a response to the passage in summary. please say whether you…  i need a response to the passage in summary. please say whether you like the facts presented or you dislike some facts.Skin-to-skinThe theoretical framework used to guide the study was called the Theoretical Model of Skin-to-skin care of dying preterm new-borns and their parents. Based on this theory, other factors like parental support of the children, emotional comfort, and encouragement would make the children get better sooner. , highlights the concern of the article regarding Skin-to-skin care provides an adequate description of how our able nurses would effectively enact SSC for newborn children with skin problems. The sensation would express a firm trust and belief with SSC urgency while providing mutual proximity and comfort. In that case, the nurses would act upon the idea and engagement by securing the best possible future experiences. This is where the SSC is known hence the appropriate action in spearheading the optimal conditions intended to be achieved.Lee et al. (2021), the primary source of the reference is the exact time when the event took place concerning skin-to-skin care for dying preterm new-Borns. The article provides the exact time when the event took place hence becoming more apparent to those reading the article. Secondly, the reference also provides a summary, evaluation, and interpretation of the primary source since it gives an idea and more background information on the research topic (Lee et al., 2021). This makes the reference a secondary source too. The explanation after the time event is quite crucial since it provides the reader with efficient information on skin-to-skin care for dying preterm new-born and their parents. The data is based on first-hand events since it allows for the time when the event took place. The primary source provides the reader with a first-hand account of events concerning the discussion area. The source is known to be direct while giving evidence of time pertaining to the discussion area. This shows that people created the vent or were there when it took place. It, therefore, is not known for modification by interpretation since it offers original information. On the other hand, the secondary source contains information that has already been assessed, interpreted, and analyzed based on historical events and the primary source of the events; in most cases, it relies on primary data to give its final report.Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 410

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