I have written an assignment a few days ago and got a bad gr

I have written an assignment a few days ago and got a bad grade. I… I have written an assignment a few days ago and got a bad grade. I think I am missing something and I would like it if you can help me understand how to wri-te this one. Here is feedback from the last one I submitted so it can give you a brief of what my teacher is expecting. I always have an issue when it comes to r/t factors and if ABCs come first, please help. Oh, by the way, I was not a team leader nor was I shadowing. I was part of nursing students being in a team under one nursing in the facility learning from her and learning from each other as well.My experience?I have met a few different patients with different illnesses, however, the two most that caught my eyes were a patient who was suffering from Lyme disease and Shingles. I was a part of a team and everything was a group effort. We had a couple of times to work as a group to research, seek answers, and get medication verified by other nurses. I personally struggled because I am not good at working with groups as I am introverted and being loud and asking a specificin front of other students was tough for me. But I have gained a lot of experience and taught me a few different lessons as I have learning time management and stress reliever technics because of the demand of the patient and some are really aggressive because they’re worried about their sickness was an experience that I will take it to evaluate my skills compared to others.   Here is feedback from my instructor about this: You have to cite and quote your sources within the reflection. Pathophysiology is. important.What are the r/t factors? Also if ABCs “s come first, priorities are based on ABCs.Reflection Journal1. wri-te about today’s experience.2. What did you find challenging?3. What did you like?4. Describe one moment during the day when you were required to use critical thinking.5. Choose a disease from a patient you encountered and explain the pathophysiology.6. Write 3 nursing diagnoses for this patient and list them in priority order. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 7113

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