I am looking for help for a response to this discussion post

I am looking for help for a response to this discussion post:… I am looking for help for a response to this discussion post:”Systematic reviews and meta-analysis (SRs/MAs) are rigorous research methodologies that collect information on a focus topic through a transparent and reproducible process” (Goldberg et al., 2022). SRs and MAs are sometimes used interchangeably but they are not the same. The goal of doing SRs is so that conclusions can be reached to build knowledgeable evidence-based decisions (Goldberg et al., 2022); but the MA is a possible statistical outcome of a SR. For evidence-based medicine, Goldberg et al. (2022), stated that SR are placed at the top of the hierarchy of evidence and given more validity as a result. This allows the clinician to reach decisions in care that are not only up to date but also provides the opportunity for the utmost positive results.The steps involved in a SR seem straight forward and simple but that is a bit deceiving. One must ask a , gather research information, filter the research, and finally combine it all into a report; this is achieved through a rigorous scientific process. With my PICOT , I hope to evaluate the readmission rate of low-income clients with congested heart failure (P), who received follow up teaching or coaching post hospital stay (I), with those that did not (C); to determine if the teaching or coaching decreased the readmission rate (O) in the time frame of 30 days (T).My strategy in obtaining SR will be to search the library’s databases for peer-reviewed articles from the last 5 years. I will use PubMed, Ovid, ProQuest, and CINAHL Complete. The goal is to narrow down my searches to prevent a broad search that may yield excessive and redundant information. Due to my inexperience and lack of confidence of my database skills, I plan to reach out to the librarian for pointers and directions for the search. I will appraise the results and narrow them down to no more than 10. This will hopefully allow me to not get lost in my references and keep a better train of thought for the reader to follow.ReferencesGoldberg, J., Boyce, L. M., Soudant, C., & Godwin, K. (2022). Assessing journal author guidelines for systematic reviews and meta-analyses: findings from an institutional sample. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 110(1), 63-71. https://doi-org.usu.idm.oclc.org/10.5195/jmla.2022.1273Health Science Science Nursing MSN – FNP 563

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