…,%20Its%20Prevention%20and%20Its%20Effect%20on%20Patient%20Care%20-%20quantitative.pdf Perceptions of Burnout, Its Prevention and Its Effect on Patient Care – quantitative.pdf NUR 4169 Evidence Based Research Utilization – Homework BName:   Part I – EBP ExerciseScenario: You work at an institution that had had a significant problem with burnout in bedside nurses. The Chief Nurse Executive (CNO) thinks that the key to preventing burnout over the course of a nurse’s career is for the nurse to use appropriate coping strategies. The CNO wants to have a formal hospital policy on burnout prevention to better support the bedside nurses. Directions: Based on this semester’s topic, as described in the scenario above, identify the individual PICOT elements and then formulate a complete potential PICOTto guide the EBP process. Make sure that you review the assigned module presentation (Video: Formatting a PICOT ) before completing this portion of the assignment.  PICOFormatting – Recognition & Understanding Student Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/Potential AnswersValueEarned1a. PopulationList the population for this scenarioBedside nurses 5 1b. InterventionList the intervention for this scenarioMeditation 5 1c. ComparisonList the comparison for this scenarioRest 5 1d. Outcome(s)List the outcome(s) for this scenarioBurnout prevention 5 1e. TimeList the time for this scenarioOne week 5 1f. PICO(you should have 2 answers for this )List the complete PICOfor this scenario.Also, list the most appropriate format (i.e. intervention, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, meaning) [JJ1] In a population of bedside, nurses are meditation more effective than rest in preventing burnout within a week?NEED TO COMPLETE 10   Part II – Evidence Analysis The quantitative research process involves conceptualizing a research project, planning and implementing that project, and communicating the findings. The steps of the quantitative research process were briefly described in this unit of inquiry. Answer these s based on the evidence item provided to you in the dropbox. CriteriaStudent Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/ Potential AnswersValueEarned2a. ReferenceList the reference for the assigned evidence in correct APA formatRussel, K.  (2016). Perceptions of Burnout, Its Prevention, and Its Effect on Patient Care as Described by Oncology Nurses in the Hospital Setting. Oncology Nursing Forum, 43[JJ2] (1), 103-109.  10.1188/16.ONF.103-109 5 2b. Type of StudyWhat type of quantitative study is the provided evidence and what level of evidence does this article represent (Level I, II, III, IV, etc)? The research design was the quantitative descriptive. In the hierarchy of evidence , it is level IV (Grove & Gray, 2019[JJ3] ) 10 2c. Setting and PurposeWhere was the study conducted and what was the goal of the study? The setting was at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center[JJ4]  and the research objective was to investigate oncology nurses’ perspectives of burnout, how it affected their work and strategies to reduce it[JJ5]  10  2d. Methods and Findings How many participants were in the study and how many of them had greater than 10 years of nursing experience? What two tests were used to analyze the data?  What level of burnout (low, moderate, high) did this study find the nurses to have? How many nurses agreed that collaboration, teamwork, resources and supplies would decrease burnout? The 61 participants selected from a convenience sample responded to a two-part naire. Of these 10 nurses had more than 10 years experience.[JJ6]  The data was analyzed through the Kruskal-Wallis and Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel tests.  The researchers found moderate levels of burnout among the nurses.  51 nurses agreed that collaboration, resource availability and teamwork would reduce burnout (Russel, 2016, p. 108)Missing information here. How many of the nurses had more than 10 years experience total? 15     Part III – Evidence Search  Answer these s based on the evidence item you locatedCriteriaStudent Response / AnswersFaculty Comments/ Potential AnswersValueEarned3a. Evidence Search Locate and provide onejournal article that was published within the last five years on “Appropriate Coping Strategies for Burnout Prevention” that would be a Level II, III, IV, or V study according to the Hierarchy of Evidence (p. 24 of Grove & Gray, 2019) and upload the full-text article to the dropbox. Providing the URL link and copying and pasting the article are not acceptable and you will not receive credit for this section if you do not upload the full-text article to the dropbox. Type the title of your piece[JJ7]  of evidence in the box to the right.      NEED TO COMPLETE18 3b. ReferenceList the reference for the located article in correct APA formatde Oliveira, S. M., de Alcantara Sousa, L. V., Vieira Gadelha, M., & do Nascimento, V. B. (2019). Prevention Actions of Burnout Syndrome in Nurses: An Integrating Literature Review. Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health : CP & EMH, 15[JJ8] , 64-73.   2 3c. SummarySummarize the content of the document you found in 3-4 sentences.The research is a review of literature on the preventive strategies for burnout in nurses. The research found that nursing care, nursing supervision and Psycho-oncological training did not improve burnout[JJ9] .Add at least one more sentence to this answer 5 Scholarly WritingComplete sentences, grammatically correct & free of spelling errors. This is an expectation; points up to the total value of the assignment may be deducted for work that does not meet scholarly writing standards.  —— Health Science Science Nursing NUR MISC

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