Hi i need help with this case scenario to answer these s….

Hi i need help with this case scenario to answer these s…. Hi i need help with this case scenario to answer these s. it will be really helpful if you can help me out. i have attached NANDA diagnose below.Image transcription textPart 1: NAN DA CLASSIFICATION OF NANDA NURSINGDIAGNOSES BY GORDON’S FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERNSHEALTH PERCEPTION-HEALTH MANAGEMENT PA… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textWEN ‘ Bowel Incontinence 0 Constipation, Risk for, Actual, andPerceived – Diarrhea – Urinary Elimination, Readiness for Enhanced0 Urinary Incontinence 0 Functional Urinary Incontine… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textW – Sleep, Readiness for Enhanced 0 Sleep Deprivation – SleepPattern, Disturbed – E L . Adaptive Capacity, Intracranial, Decreased0 Confusion, Acute and Chronic 0 Decisional Conflict (… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textE – E E 0 Rape-Trauma Syndrome: Compound Reaction .And Silent Reaction . Sexual Dysfunction 0 SexualityPatterns, Ineffective W – Adjustment, Impaired… Show more… Show morecase scenarioMs Leila Caric is a 73-year-old woman who was admitted to the rehab unit following a Moore’s arthroplasty for a # L) NOF following a fall 2 weeks ago she has chronic osteoarthritis. Rehab plan includes daily physio sessions. She is highly anxious and reluctant to mobilise for fear of falling again which means she is incontinent of urine at times and her sacrum aches from sitting. She is complaining of pain in her recent fracture site. Leila complains of anorexia and finds food unappetising, her mouth is sore; she weighs 45 Kg and is 170 cm tall. Leila was living at home until her fall and would like to go back home. s to answerWhat is the most likely Chronic condition presented in this scenario and what do you know about this condition?A relevant nursing diagnosis from the list of NANDA provided. why did you choose these NANDA diagnose.Required nursing assessment/s directly relating to the current and past history of the patientAppropriate nursing assessment/s related directly to this scenario e.g. pain, cognition, oral health and falls risk assessments. (Note: vital signs are not a part of this assessment).Identifying 1 actual problem that relates directly to your discussion. Identify at least 4 interventions for this problem and your rationales for these interventions.Nursing interventions relating to the patient’s condition. What do you aim to achieve from these interventions. How will you record your interventions and communicate them to other team members.Required nursing education for the patient and their family relating to discharge preparationHow you could actively involve the person in the development of strategies to help them self-manage their condition?Why have you decided on these assessment charts and documents?Health Science Science Nursing

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