Hi i need help with completing these s on oral assessments..

Hi i need help with completing these s on oral assessments… Hi i need help with completing these s on oral assessments for each 3 scenarios seperately that i have attached below. i would appreciate if you can help me out. Note: s listed below should be answered for all three scenarios seperately.Image transcription textScenario 2: Mr Scott Smith 13ro2r19’nl Scott Smithis a hospitalised 4&yearbld male with (if)fractured femur, following a fall from hi… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textScenario 3: Betty Mcdonald, Female, 7/09/1941 Betty is79-year-old lady admitted for short-term respiteresidential care, while her carer daughter a… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textScenarios 4: Miss Elena Menier, Female, 23/09/1943Elena is a 77-year-old female with a past history of CVA 8years ago, with residual right- sided hemiple… Show more… Show mores to answers for each 3 scenarios seperately.- patient’s medical, dental and social histories- Examination findings- Risk factors for oral diseases (caries, periodontal, soft tissue pathology)- Systemic disease or condition, physical or mental disability and any associated medications and its potential impact on oral health- Communication and behaviour challenges that may impact on routine oral health care.- Oral health education for prevention and control of oral diseases including¬†For example:Evaluation of your patient’s motivation, capacity and ability to follow advice in oral health careRecommended oral hygiene aids suited to the individual needs of the case scenarioRecommended products with instructions of how to use and the rationale of useAdvice on routine oral hygiene, denture hygiene and other fixed /removable appliancesAdvice to a carer on oral health care for the relevant case scenarioExposure to fluorides and rationaleDietary considerations and advice on the impact of frequency of consuming cariogenic foods and drinks on oral diseaseImpact of smoking on oral health and referral for cessationSports injury preventionChallenges/barriers faced from patient’s behaviours /lifestyle/beliefs/special needs- Referral and rationaleHealth Science Science Nursing

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