HELP PLEASE ASAP 1. How does a wording reframe help to incre

HELP PLEASE ASAP 1. How does a wording reframe help to increase… HELP PLEASE ASAP1. How does a wording reframe help to increase social inclusion or build someone up?2. How have your own perceptions/beliefs/actions been challenged/ changed to this point in the harm reduction (perhaps because of your curiosity)?3. Which resource to this point has impacted (& perhaps challenged) your thinking the most about addiction to substance use/stigma about substance use and why?———4. Compile a list of local resources that are available in Saskatchewan & might be useful to support individuals who use substances. Consider resources not only within western medicine but also social/community resources within the community. Remember the social determinants of health!—–5. which might address the social determinants of health & support people to “be well” are…?6. additional resources we can add to the lists which help to connect and support people who use substances are…?7. What elements of the hierarchies of substances were similar among you and how did they differ?—-SCENARIO: SUBSTANCE USE/ADDICTION You now have 15-20 minutes to go in to speak with the patient & determine if there is an opportunity to provide her with supports or resources. She is visibly stressed & not making eye contact when you go in to speak with her.1. Consider what might be contributing to the patient’s current experience of agitation and jot them down. (Think about biopsychosocial factors.)2. How might “power” be influencing this interaction?3. Discuss specific strategies you might use during the interaction to create a safer space for the patient. (How can you re-balance the power dynamic?)4. Provide 3 examples of choices/opportunities for collaboration that might be offered to the patient in this scenario.5. Script two compassionate statements that acknowledge the role that prior experiences/stresses may have on the patient’s current experience.—–(1) What makes a team’s interactions that made the group a “safer place” to brainstorm & share ideas?(2) In what ways were validation & affirmation shared among team members?(3) How did you share choices and collaboration in the team setting?(4) How were power dynamics successfully kept in balance in the group? references:,deviate%20from%20the%20norm%20or%20to%20behave%20%E2%80%9Cbadly.%E2%80%9D Science Science Nursing NURS 201

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