Help me fix this paper, please? Here is feedback from the…

Help me fix this paper, please? Here is feedback from the… Help me fix this paper, please? Here is feedback from the instructor: A-P-A f ormat–No citations within the reflection. Pathophysiology is incorrect. No mention of dopamine and serotonin dysregulations. Nursing diagnosis–Infection alone is not a nursing diagnosis. What are the r/t factors? Also, if ABC”s come first, the risk for aspiration should have been #1.  Reflection paper 1. Write about your experience being the team leader at the hospital.2. What did you find challenging about the position?3. What did you like about the position?4. Describe one moment during the day that you were required to use critical thinking.5. Choose a disease from a patient you encountered and explain the pathophysiology.6. Write 3 nursing diagnosis for this patient and list them in priority order.  Answer to1I was in health behavior doing shadowing. I was part of a nursing team at the hospital. My job was to follow the nurse, apply her skillset applications, and compare to what you have learned in class/text. Furthermore, the most learning activity we conducted while shadowing was communication skills. Most of our time was spent meeting with guardians/clients regarding their care and our goal during their visit.  Answer to2The most challenging part of the position was being locked everywhere. More succinctly, being independent was not an option because every step, you must be with the nurse when visiting clients, break areas, exam rooms, etc. I had difficulties complying with that because I was pregnant; I consistently needed to attend to the restroom, but it was locked; I had to ask key from the nurse every time, which was challenging for me.  One of the challenges I faced shadowing in the behavioral health department was being organized. It was essential to making sure everyone knew their responsibilities and that everyone was on the same page with a large team. I worked with the nurses and the doctors to ensure that the patients were getting the care they needed. I also had to make sure that I was organized to give the best care and gain knowledge while working with the nurses.  Answer to3 One of the things I enjoyed most about being in the team (shadowing) at the hospital was working with the nurses and doctors. I was able to learn a lot from them, and they were able to teach me a lot about how to take care of patients. One of the most apparent benefits of shadowing that day was to provide a complete look at what a day as a nurse can be like, which might help me prepare what’s for the future. Furthermore, it also helped me observe which skills the nurse I was shadowing uses and identify any that match my own skillset. Answer to4There were some moments during the day when I had to use critical thinking skills. One was when I was working with the nurses and doctors to ensure that the patients were getting the care they needed. We (the nurse included) had to ensure that patients’ blood pressure medicines were administered when their BP was hypertension level as the medication wasn’t showing it was working. We had to clarify the medication indication and the order while collaborating as a team and asked for help when we weren’t sure the purpose of those medications was not compelling.  Answer to5Mood disorders are mental illnesses that affect a person’s mood. There are two types of mood disorders: bipolar disorder and depression. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes a person to have mood swings. These mood swings can cause a person to feel very happy one moment and very sad the next. Depression is a mental illness that causes a person to feel sad all the time. Psychosis is a mental illness that causes a person to see or hear things that are not there. This can be a very frightening experience for the person experiencing it. The pathophysiology of mood disorders and psychosis is not fully understood. However, it is believed that these conditions are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that can play a role in developing mood disorders and psychosis. Things like stress, abuse, and trauma can all contribute to developing these conditions. Answer to6Infection: The patient is at risk for developing an infection due to their medical condition and their environment.Risk for Injury: The patient is at risk for accidental injury due to their weakened state and the potential for falls.Risk for Aspiration: The patient is at risk for aspiration due to their weakened state and the potential for vomiting.   ReferencesAkramova, G. R. (2017). Modern Approaches to Development Critical Thinking of Students. Eastern European Scientific Journal, (5).De Vries, H. (2017). An integrated approach for understanding health behavior; the I-change model as an example. Psychol Behav Sci Int J, 2(2), 555-585.Larsson, K. (2017). Understanding and teaching critical thinking—A new approach. International Journal of Educational Research, 84, 32-42.Raskind, I. G., Shelton, R. C., Comeau, D. L., Cooper, H. L., Griffith, D. M., & Kegler, M. C. (2019). A review of qualitative data analysis practices in health education and health behavior research. Health Education & Behavior, 46(1), 32-39.   Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 223

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