Hawkins Case Study On this day, you are working the 7a – 7 p

Hawkins Case Study On this day, you are working the 7a – 7 pm shift… Hawkins Case StudyOn this day, you are working the 7a – 7 pm shift at the ED.  Shortly after lunch, you are assigned to care for a patient that just arrived. Let’s go meet him! Justin Hawkins is a 30-year-old Caucasian male who was brought to the emergency department (ED) by the police after being involved in an altercation at the gym. The police report indicates that they were called when Justin engaged in a verbal tirade with another customer. When the customer didn’t respond the way that Justin desired, he shoved her, and she fell over the treadmill. As he continued to threaten customers and staff, the police were called.After arrival at the ED, Justin continues to be agitated with the staff. He is pacing furiously and speaking very fast. His speech is loud, difficult to understand and he doesn’t allow others time to respond when asking s. Justin indicates that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 18 years old. When ed about his medication use, Justin replied, “I stopped taking it two weeks ago as Big Pharma is just trying to control me!”As Justin’s behavior is frightening the other patients in the waiting room, he is asked by the police officer to sit down. He responds by kicking the officer repeatedly. Hospital security is telephoned for assistance because the registration clerk, who is new, didn’t know about the panic button located on the underside of the desk. While waiting for security, Justin shoves the officer several times. When the triage nurse attempts to intervene, he pushes her, and she falls striking her head on a chair back.Hawkins Case Discussion Using our clinical reasoning, clinical judgment, and decision-making skills to prepare for the care of Justin. Based on the information presented so far:What is the primary problem? support with a sourceWhat is the underlying cause/pathophysiology of this problem? support with source.What nursing priority will guide your care?  Include the nursing interventions that you will implement as well as the desired outcome. support source.What is the worst possible or most likely complication to anticipate based on the primary problem? support sourceWhat are the early warning signs of this complication?What nursing interventions will you initiate if the early warning signs develop?What is the expected clinical trajectory of this patient? In other words, what is the typical sequence of events that I, as the nurse, should anticipate? When doing this, start with where the patient is currently and go forward until he is released from all care.What comorbidities (i.e., coexisting diseases/conditions/disorders/factors), if any, does Justin have?  How might they alter the clinical trajectory? Are there any common comorbidities in patients with schizophrenia that we should incorporate into our assessment plan?What other information would I want to know? Be sure to think holistically!Health Science Science Nursing NURS 451W

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