Group 4: Preserving Integrity Pierre is employed as a forens

Group 4: Preserving Integrity Pierre is employed as a forensic… Group 4: Preserving IntegrityPierre is employed as a forensic nurse in a maximum security correctional institute. Many prisoners have mental health and other persistent health problems. Pierre’s responsibilities include counselling, administration of medications, and teaching about health. He is frustrated. Several patients tell Pierre that the guards use physical force to “settle things down”. Pierre sees that the prisoners have unexplained bruises on their bodies. One evening Pierre sees for himself guards being rough in their treatment of inmates. He talks to a guard in the health clinic, who explains that force is needed to maintain order for prisoners and staff. Pierre disapproves of the guards’ actions, yet knows that reporting the incident will be highly unpopular with his peers and management.Pierre wants to deal with his concerns, but he feels he is in a difficult position. At staff meetings, he has heard homophobic and racist comments. During his employment Pierre has protected his private life and has not told his colleagues that he is gay and that his partner is First Nations. He loves forensic nursing, but he finds the work environment unethical. He is uncertain how to respond to the situation, but he knows he must advocate for change. I am the correctional officer in this position and im against for change in this scenario Introduction Clear introduction of each committee member, their role and their importance t dilemma is accurately identified and clearly stated; relevant background information is present debate.Ethical decision-Making Framework Debate clearly uses an ethical decision-making frame All steps are includedTheoretical Analysis/Ethical Principles Discussions are based on ethical theories and principle wide variety of theories and principles clearly highlights the multi dimensional aspects of the dil level of critical thinkingNursing Literature/ issues Clear, comprehensive and accurate use of relevant nursing cod legal issues clearly discussed. Use of a wide variety of scholarly nursing research (other than co discussions.Conclusion and Action PlanClear decision about action to be taken stated. Conclusions and actions are well supported by the standards and laws. Clear statement of why recommended action was chosen.  note: This is a debate and my role is  the correctional officer. I have to explain how ethical theories and principles relate to the scenario and why im against for change of the prison (any 3 ethical principles should be used: Autonmy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice, Fidelity, Veracity (any 2 ethical theories that should be used: Utilitarianism, Deontology,Ethics of Caring or Nursing Ethics)1. Position supported by ethical theories, principles. Evidence that nursing standards were considered.2. Demonstrate the ability to apply an ethical decision-making framework to evaluate and solve an ethical dilemma3. Demonstrate the ability to critically appraise an ethical dilemma using relevant ethical theories and principlesIdentify the link between ethical and legal analysis of an ethical dilemma4. Understand the purpose and function of ethics committeesArticulate the importance of values and values clarification when discussing ethicaldilemmas. references: Please use Ontario resources (im based in Canada) (Practical Nursing) Science Science Nursing PNR 300

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