Grace is a newly graduated Nurse and your partner for a shif

Grace is a newly graduated Nurse and your partner for a shift…. Grace is a newly graduated Nurse and your partner for a shift. After a few months of working and developing a friendship, Grace told you that she does not believe that practicing cultural competency is that important in our healthcare field as long as we take care of patients physically well. She also told you that she refused to give one of the Muslim patient’s prayer time as she believed her patient was too tired to pray and only needed to stay in bed. She stated that she felt like most of us acted overly in terms of religion and cultural competency which she thinks is not necessary. What are you going to do in this situation in terms of the information that Grace shared with your regarding her view about religions and cultural competency? Will you report to the charge nurse or manager? How are you going to approach her in the future? (Please include a reference) 2. A female Muslim patient has an appointment with a male specialist. Her husband accompanies her to the appointment. During the appointment, her husband is the one that answers all the s.Why is that? What does the nurse need to know about the culture? What strategies should the nurse practice for a better approach to the patient and patient’s spouse? (Reference) 3. Do you believe that the views of Christianity align with current healthcare needs? (Reference) 4. What are your thoughts on Christianity opposing birth control? 5. Jeffrey, who is of the Jehovah’s Witness faith comes in with depression. He feels ashamed because he is depressed and his church suggests that if he was more active and devoted to the church he would not be depressed. Jeffrey feels even worse about his mental health because he has tried going to church more often and praying more but has not seen a change. Jeffrey believes that in God’s eyes he is not a good Jehovah’s Witness or a good person, which is why he is so depressed. As a nurse, what can you do for Jeffrey? (Reference) 6. Our patient Mary 27-year-old pregnant patient who has hemolytic anemia refused the blood transfusion. Both Mary and her fetus didn’t survive due to refusal of treatment because of Mary’s Jehovah’s Witness religion and its rule. The nurse who cared for her for the last 2 months was so sad and angry and getting depressed that Mary refused the treatment that could save her and her baby. What can you recommend for this nurse to help and cope with this situation? (Please include reference)Health Science Science Nursing PNUR 105

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