Good afternoon, please how do I go about addressing part B u

Good afternoon, please how do I go about addressing part B using… Good afternoon, please how do I go about addressing part B using information from part A and the link below. Health Quality Ontario: Quality Improvement Guide pages 1-3 & 9-12. Part A:  Topic: Unit:Date:Quality improvement plan to assess the effectiveness of anti-fall protocol to reduce the falls among elderly patients.  Older adults care patients.18/02/2022AIMWhat is the rationale for this QI project? Who is on your team? Recently there has been an increase in the rate of falls in the older adult’s population, and in the past three months, the falls incidence has been reported to be 45% in the geriatric care facility, the implementation of this protocol would help to assess the effectiveness on fall incidences. since the fall incidence are on the rise, there by increasing hospital stay, as well as costs of care at the hospital. If the falls incidences are reduced, then hospital care cost could also be decrease. The use of anti-fall protocols can be very helpful in this situation in respect to current research findings.   The interprofessional team members involved would include the medical officer, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse manager, unit nurse, pharmacist, podiatrist. Personal  support workers, housekeeping staff.It is important to obtain views and opinions from team members regarding the problems and how to solve them. So that insight of the problem is obtained, and team collaboration is realised.  What is your AIM (ensure your AIM statement is clear, timely, stretchable & value) We will be reduction in the fall episode after using anti-fall protocol from 45% to 15%. We will accomplish this within 10 months.   MEASURESWhat will you measure? (Consider: outcome, process & balancing measures); consider pre & post measures.1.The rate of falls incidence after 1 month of implementation of anti-fall protocol.  2. Feedback of staff, and interprofessional team members regarding implementation of anti-fall protocol  3. Acceptability of anti-fall protocol among staff members and financial implementation.  PROCESS TOOLInsert your Process tool below: Process- assessment of current practice and incidence of falls Using the check sheets tool Bringing the idea of anti-fall protocol Review the relevant literatureDiscuss the idea with staff members and higher officials. Assess the feasibility Conduct orientation and induction class Implementation of Idea using written protocol Gather feedback Take help Make corrections See antifall protocol is followedKeep gathering data on incidence fall             Review the data from your QI Process Tool.  Based on your analysis of the problem what are your top three ideas for change? 1. Universal fall precautions, including scheduled rounding protocols 2. Standardized assessment of fall risk factors 3. Care planning and interventions that address the identified risk factors within the overall care plan for the patient Which (1) idea would you like to test through a rapid PDSA cycle?The one idea I would like to test through a rapid   PDSA cycle is the Standardized assessment of fall risk factors.Anti-fall protocol Since it involves set of intervention as 1. Call for help 2. Anti-fall mats 3. Less sedation 4. Use of protection devicesAnd risk factors which includes -History of falls- Mobility problems and use of assistive devices-Medications-Mental status-Continence-Other patient risks                 Part B:Using the QI process tool you completed in Part A, complete the following section, providing rationale for your decisions.Next step is to outline your Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle. As a reminder, you do not need to implement the PDSA cycle, but you do need to work through each section thoroughly.If you unit allows you to implement a PDSA cycle, please answer the s below that are bolded in the Do & Study sections).Complete each section in detail, demonstrating a significant depth of critical thinking.        Part B:  PLANThe purpose of this cycle is to: Develop  rTest  rImplement  rWhatdo you want to answer? What do you think will happen (what are your predictions?)     Plan to collect data to answer your s:What data will be collectedHow?Who? (role)When?Where?       List tasks necessary to set up the test:What is the taskHow? Who? (role)When?Where?       DOWhat did you observe during the test?  Were there any unexpected observations? Use evidenced based resources to identify what you would expect to observe during the test. Be sure to cite & reference please. if you had the opportunity to implement your PDSA cycle, What did you observe during the test?  Were there any unexpected observations?                                             STUDYAnalyze your data & describe the results?  How do the results compare with your predictions?    What did you learn from this cycle? Use evidenced based resources to identify what data you would expect. Be sure to cite & reference using APA formatting. If you chose to implement your PDSA cycle, analyze your data & describe the results?  How do the results compare with your predictions?   What did you learn from this cycle?  ACTAre you ready to implement? r Yes (I am confident that there is measured improvement, changes have been tested under different conditions & s answered).  r No (I have more s, need to make adjustments and test again, OR risks outweigh benefits – new ideas are required) What is your plan for the next cycle?              Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 5502

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