Girls o Growth spurt occurs around ___________years o Begin

Girls o Growth spurt occurs around ___________years o Begin puberty… ? Girls o Growth spurt occurs around ___________years o Begin puberty around age _______ years & ends with menarche o First menses between _____years old, with average age of ____years o At ages _____-_____ menses becomes ovulatory o Main growth spurt lasts approx. _____months & they grow approx. __-__inches o Grow about ___________inches annually until menarche o Achieve 98% of height by age ____________years o Stop growing about _______-______ years after onset of menses o Self-breast exams q/month, a week after period ends at age_________________ ? Age other developmental milestone tasks occur: o To discipline, use logical consequences, cause/effect, directly r/t behavior at age ____ o Begins to lose deciduous teeth & permanent teeth emerge at age _________________ o Central incisors are first teeth to be lost at age ______________________ o Precise hand/eye coordination is fully developed by age ___________________ o Speed & accuracy begin to improve at the age of _______________ ? Age of key speech & cognition milestones: o Follows complex spoken instructions with large amounts of info, new vocab & complex grammar at the age of _______________ o Increased use of proper grammar, parts of speech & ability to complex conjunctions at the age of _______________ o Understands common & simple sayings in context at the age of _______________ o Recognizes when sentence not grammatically correct at the age of _______________ o Able to understand & use “expository text,” which requires providing facts in an educational & purposeful way at the age of _______________ o Requires strong ability to analyze & self-reflect on views (metalinguistic awareness skills) at the age of _______________ o Has adult understanding of death at age __________years o Understands figurative language, subject words & double meanings at age of ______ o Understands sarcasm at the age of _______________ o Act on feelings more than thinking at age _________years o Are able to think abstractly, and develop morals and values at age _________years o Able to acknowledge & understand another’s point of view at age _________years o Brain isn’t fully developed until ____________ years of age. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 1250

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