GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1.This is a Two-Part Activity 2.Use th

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1.This is a Two-Part Activity 2.Use this form… GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1.This is a Two-Part Activity2.Use this form to work on your task.3.Do not alter the given format of this Worksheet4.Any alteration in the given format will be scored zero (0) outrightly.Part I: Freud’s Human Psyche (Id, Ego and Superego)Instructions: For each of the following scenarios, predict how the id, ego and superego might respond.Scenario1: You are the elected Barangay Captain of Barangay Sangbigkis. This is your first term and seated as the youngest elected official of your Barangay.  You are surrounded by Kagawads, Purok Leaders, and Admin Officers older than you and they have been serving the Barangay since the term of your father when he was the Barangay Captain way back 10-15 years ago. On your third year of service as Kapitan ng Barangay, pandemic strikes due to Covid-19 and lockdowns are nationwide. You are bound to implement the policies of the national government, specifically on Covid Vaccine. Your people are clamoring for the vaccine in able to resume life to “normal” again. A year after, finally vaccines were released by the national government but you suspect the source is politically tainted since selection and approval of pharmaceutical company did not pass-through selection board. According to the government, selection board can be skipped in times of pandemic”. And according to the National Government, if our country supports their vaccine in their trial stage, the vaccine’s country of origin will donate 15B Dollars as Humanitarian and Disaster Fund for the victims of this pandemic. First day of vaccination went fine and smooth. Three days after, 87 individuals out of 4,500 vaccinated manifested adverse reaction from the vaccine. Nine of the 87 individuals died on the fourth day.  With this scenario, how do you think your ID, your EGO, and your SUPEREGO might do if:?Your constituents and Kagawads want you to stop the vaccination?Your Purok Leaders and Admins say there’s no reason to stop the vaccination?Your father told you to listen to your morals and decide?Your Mayor sought private meeting with you not to stop the vaccination and offered you a share from the 15B donation?Your constituents and Kagawads want you to stop the vaccinationRESPONSE/SID EGO SUPEREGOScenario2:  You are a nurse assigned at ER-Triage Section. A female, senior patient walks-in alone with Swab Test Result in her hand stating POSITIVE for Covid-19. Initial assessment revealed she has comorbidities as well. All hospital beds, including ER-beds are fully occupied and you can only offer the patient to stay in Covid-Tents provided for patients-in-waiting. But the patient cordially refused. She preferred to stay at home rather than in a tent where she verbalized “Mas magkakasakit ako lalo dyan, at baka dyan pa ako mamatay”. Apologetically she said to you “Pasensya ka na nurse ha, pero wag kang mag alala nag book na ako ng Grab na susundo sa akin”. Few minutes after, a Grab Car arrived and the driver came out and ask who is his passenger? He was wearing a mask and a face shield and discloses that he is 59 y.o. with bouts of coughing too. You told the driver that he will be driving home an elder patient positive with Covid-19. Upon hearing this the driver said “Naku akala ko staff ang susunduin ko, wag naman, pasensya na, matanda na rin ako, may hika ako, nagtyatyaga akong magdrive para may makain ang pamilya ko, pero kung magkasakit naman ako ng kubid pasensya na po”. And the driver went off. The patient has no transportation to go home and no bed for admission. Few minutes after, upon checking your patient, she went missing.Now you have dilemma…Predict how your ID, EGO and SUPEREGO react to this scenario?RESPONSEIDEGOSUPEREGO Health Science Science Nursing NUR COMMUNITY

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