For this week’s Discussion Post I want you to read the resea

For this week’s Discussion Post I want you to read the research… For this week’s Discussion Post I want you to read the research article by Hawthorne et al. (2016) in Appendix B of your text book (pages 455-466).  Using what you have learned in this week’s chapters, answer the following s:Is the sample adequately described yes or no? – explain your rational.What sampling strategy was used in this study? Describe the sampling unit and sample size? Name one advantage and disadvantage of using the sampling strategy described in this study and why?How does the principals of reliability and validity come into play in this study and why is it important to have these principals? Image transcription textGRIEF DESPAIR DETACHMENT DISORGANIZATION DEPRESSIONPTSD PERSONAL GROWTH 1 mop 3 mop 1 mop 3mop 1mop 3 mo B 1mop 3 mo $ 1 mp 3 mos 1 mop 3 mo Black non-Hispanic * |…. Show more… Show morePlease write….3….5….0….w….o….d….s…. Thank you very much for your help.Image transcription textMeasures of independent variables Spiritual coping was measuredwith the Spiritual Coping Strategies Scale (SCS) (Baldacchino &Bulhagiar, 2003). The SCS contains two subscales: religi… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textstrategies that help parents cope with the death of their child maymitigate some of these negative health effects. Spiritual coping strategiesmay be helpful to parents at this time of very high stress. In … Show more… Show moreImage transcription textThere are several additional limitations of the study. At 1 and 3 monthspost-death, parents were in early stages of grieving. Thus, these?ndings may not be applicable to parents who are later in t… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textReferences 1. Aho A.L., Tarkka M.T., Kurki P.A., Kaunonen M., Father’sgrief after the death of a child. Issues in Mental Health and Nursing;2006;27:647-663. 2. Armentrout D.C., Living with grief follo… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textinfant or child NICU/PICU death. Pediatrics ;2013;132:e1295-e1301Available at: (Epub 2013 Oct 7,PMC3813397). ‘Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Flori… Show more… Show moreImage transcription texta last stage before telling the professional: weighing the judgementsby healthcare professionals and the anticipated consequences ofreporting a particular NRS score against their actual desir… Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 854

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