Federal “Memo” Assignment Instructions for: Federal Legislat

Federal “Memo” Assignment Instructions for: Federal Legislation… Federal “Memo” Assignment Instructions for:  Federal Legislation Process Memorandum (Memo) Purpose of this Assignment: Provide a basic overview of the current status of current federal health care reform- Affordable Care Act (ACA), and possible barriers or changes to the ACA Prepare a concise, unbiased memorandum about the current status of the ACA. There is a lot of confusion about how to obtain insurance through the ACA. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and need insurance.  President Biden expanded the ACA in the American Rescue Plan that he signed into law this month. Overview of the Current Status of the ACA The links that will provide the information you need for this memo are on the bottom of Lesson 3 Information. For this assignment, you will need a promotion to a supervisory position. Yes, we will be pretending, and there is no salary increase 🙂 Give yourself a great title (Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing, VP of Patient Care, Chief Operating Officer, etc.). When you are preparing your memo, you need an audience. You are to address them in your memo. For this memo, please only use the information provided above in the lesson discussion. The key is to “Keep It Simple Students” (KISS) because your memo is intended to reduce confusion among your audience. Let your audience know that the ACA is still the health reform program for Americans. A memo is usually one page. If the memo is too long, you will lose your audience. I realize there is a lot of information to put into one page, but you can do it! Some tips from past memos: Address your staff. They are your audience. Keep the subject line short, follow the memo format. You will need the “Reference” section after your memo.  * The following is a guide to help you:Prepare a Professional Memo  You do not need to put in all of the headings in your memo. However, for many they find it helpful to ensure they are covering all of the required components.Memos have a twofold purpose: 1) they bring attention to problems and 2) they solve problems. They accomplish their goals by informing the reader about new information like a policy change, price increase, etc. Regardless of the specific goal, memos are most effective when they connect the purpose of the writer with the interests and needs of the reader.Memo Author:  You are the author and it works better if you are a supervisor, director, chief nursing officer, etc. So, give yourself a new position or add some staff to your team. Your audience is your team/staffMemo Template: You can find some “memo templates” and you are welcome to use one, just be sure they don’t take up too much space on the page. This is a general memo format: To: (reader’s name and job titles)From: (your name and job title)Date: Subject: (Briefly, what the memo is about-main topic)Opening Segment (Approximately the length of a short paragraph)The opening paragraph and includes the purpose of the memo, the context, and the specific task.Context: (Approximately the length of a short paragraph)The context is the circumstance, event, or background of the issue you are solving. You can use the opening sentence(s) of the paragraph to explain the context/problem. Include only what the readers need to know.Task Segment (Approximately the length of a short paragraph). Your task is to inform staff to about the ACA, benefits such as free preventative care, no extra fees for pre-existing, etc. Also, describe what you are doing to help solve the context/problem. An example would be to make yourself available at set meeting times or inform staff they can contact your assistant to schedule an appointment to discuss. Summary: (Optional)If your memo is more than a page, you might want to do a Summary providing a brief statement of the key points of the memo.*****Use APA for in-text citation and “Reference” section at the bottom of your memo. I recommend two curent citaions (published within the last two years). You do not have to double space sentences in the memo.   Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC

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