Engage in self-reflection on your first psychomotor test tak

Engage in self-reflection on your first psychomotor test taken. so… Engage in self-reflection on your first psychomotor test taken. so that you can understand an event or situation better and understand why it was significant for you. Use your new knowledge to grow as a person. Use your new knowledge to inform your nursing practice and grow as a nurse. You will use the LEARN process. Please use each of these categories to organize your writing: L – Look Back: ? Look back on something that has happened in one of the labs so far, or in the tests so far. Describe it briefly. Pick something which has helped you develop an increased understanding of the importance of knowledge skill and judgement. Keep it specific and brief and then expand on the details in the next section E – Elaborate. ? Expand on your description of the event identified in the Look Back section above. Expand on the relationship of the event to your developing understanding about the importance of knowledge skill and judgement. ? What were some of your initial thoughts and feelings? ? What surprised you or affected you? A – Analyze ? This needs to be the longest section and is the most important. What do the nursing /professional journal articles or the nursing / other credible websites have to say that can help you understand the event, yourself and your learning ? ? Include discussion about the importance of evidenced based practice and the development of knowledge skill and judgement ? Use at least one credible journal article. The article must be current (less than 5 years old). Make sure it is a NURSING journal (not medical journal). Make sure your writing includes APA format citations. R – Revise your approach ? Now that you have new knowledge about and insights into yourself as a developing professional nurse … ? What will you do differently? (State what you will do, not just what you will NOT do!!) ? What will you do the same? (Address such things as attitudes, thoughts, comments, actions/behaviours) ? What are the strengths within you that you can identify that are operating in the situation/event? ? What are the challenging areas within yourself that you would benefit from addressing? (Example: You have identified you get angry easily and it doesn’t serve you.) N – New perspective / direction ? How will this reflection influence and inform your future nursing practice?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR 110

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