Electronic Medical Records Final Examination 1. Megan answer

Electronic Medical Records Final Examination 1. Megan answer the… Electronic Medical Records Final Examination 1.     Megan answer the telephone on the fifth ring, answer with a smile, and greets the caller with “Good morning, Health and Wellness Center, how may I help you?” She then asks for the patient’s name and date of birth and takes good documentation of the patient’s concern. Which of the following is considered poor telephone etiquette? A.    Smiling while answering the phone B.    Having a long greeting C.    Answering on the filing ring D.    Asking for the patient information 2.     If a covered entity makes an allowed disclosure of personal health information (PHI), it’s subject to the ____ privacy standard. A.    Maximum necessaryB.    Minimal disclosed C.    Minimum necessary D.    Authorized necessary  3.     In which of the following situations is a disclosure of protected health information (PHI) not required based on the HIPPA privacy rule? A.    Research B.    Article C.    Treatment D.    Clinical trails 4.     ____ data entry uses drop-down menus, radio buttons, and sentences builders. A.    Organized B.    Transcribed C.    Unstructured D.    Structured 5.     Which of the following is not considered clinical information? A.    Immunization recordsB.    Advance directivesC.    PreventativeD.    Progress notes  6.     Purging is the practice of  A.    Removing inactive and closed records from active records B.    Reorganizing active chart to make room for new charts C.    Removing old records to microfilm or CDD.    Destroying inactive records by erasing the hard drive 7.     Emily is entering a new patient in the EHR. What should she do first? A.    Add the patient demographic data B.    Obtain the patient’s ID and health insurance cardsC.    Have the patient fill out paperwork D.    Confirm no record exists 8.     If a patient not “4” on the pain scale, to what type of pain does this correspond? A.    Tolerable B.    Manageable C.    Mild D.    Moderate  9.     Which of the following is considered unprofessional or personal use of the internet? A.    Checking personal email B.    Finding appropriate clinical trails C.    Printing patient education materialD.    Locate testing centers 10.  The advantage for a patient to using the patient portal is that it  A.    Is accessible by all family membersB.    Is controlled by the patientC.    Satisfies meaningful use D.    Is controlled by the provider 11.  Based on what you’ve learned about passwords, which of the following is a strong and secure password? A.    1<3Dog5!B.    password1C.    Abc1234D.    ilovedogs 12.  Smoking status of the patient would be discussed under which history type? A.    Social B.    Past medical C.    Surgical D.    Family  13.  _____ is a set of tools within the EHR to improve patient safety, reduce duplicate testing, and ensure care conforms to published standards. A.    Practicing management softwareB.    Meaningful use C.    Computerized provider order entry D.    Clinical decision support  14.  Who does not document within the chart? A.    The biller B.    The medical assistant C.    The provider D.    The patient  15.  Giving two or more patients the same appointment slot with the same provider is called  A.    Multiple slotsB.    Double-bookingC.    Wave scheduling D.    No-show  16.  The process of assigning standard numeric or alphanumeric characters to diagnoses, procedures, and treatment is called A.    Coding B.    Sorting C.    Documentation D.    Reimbursement  17.  The ____ period is the amount of time that record must be kept in storage by a medical facility. A.    Holding B.    Retention C.    Retainment D.    Maintenance 18.  Which of the following is not a right of patients under HIPPA? A.    Receiving a list of disclosures of health information B.    Opting out of sharing certain information with certain people C.    Viewing or receiving copies of their health record D.    Effusing payment is inaccurate information is documented 19.  ____ software converts speech to text as the provider speaks into a microphone. A.    Voice-activated B.    Speech recognition C.    Talk-to-text D.    Voiceover 20.  Which of the following is an example of subjective information? A.    Heart rate B.    Blood pressureC.    TemperatureD.    Pain  Health Science Science Nursing HIM 217

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