Each community has its own characteristics. These characteri

Each community has its own characteristics. These characteristics,… Each community has its own characteristics. These characteristics, along with demographic data, provide valuable information in understanding the population that lives within the community and the health status, strengths and limitations, risks, and vulnerabilities unique to the “population of interest.” Once you have defined a “community of interest” to assess, a windshield survey is the equivalent of a community head-to-toe assessment. The best way to conduct a windshield survey is to have a designated driver and at least one other passenger to scan the outline and take notes. Having one pair of eyes on the road, you can benefit from having several other individuals noticing the unique characteristics of the community and a shared experience provides additional insight. As you analyze your findings, it may be necessary to make a second tour to fill in any blanks. Many of us take these characteristics for granted, but they provide a rich context for understanding communities and populations and have significant impact on the health status of the community in general. You will report your findings in practicum conference and use relevant findings in your Community Problem Analysis paper, so collect your findings and analysis in a useful format.ElementsDescriptionBoundariesWhat defines the boundary? Roads, water, railroads? Does the area have a name? A nickname?Housing and zoningWhat is the age of the houses? What kind of materials in the construction? Describe the housing, including space between houses, general appearance and condition, and presence of central heating, air conditioning, and modern plumbing.Open spaceDescribe the amount, condition, use of open space. Is the space used? Safe? Attractive?CommonsWhere do people in the neighborhood congregate? Who congregates there and at what hours during the day?TransportationHow do people get from one place to another? Is public transportation available? If so, what kind and how effective? How timely? Personal autos? Bikes, etc.?Social service centersDo you see evidence of recreation centers, parks, social services, offices of doctors and dentists, pharmacies?StoresWhere do residents shop? How do they get to the shops? Do they have groceries or sources of fresh produce? Is this a “food desert”?Street people and animalsWho do you see on the streets during the day? Besides the people, do you see animals? Are they loose or contained?Condition of the areaIs the area well kept or is there evidence of trash or abandoned cars or houses? What kind of information is provided on the signs in the area?Race and ethnicityWhat is the race of the people you see? What do you see about indices of ethnicity? Places of worship, food stores, restaurants? Are signs in English or other languages? (If the latter, which ones?)ReligionWhat indications do you see about the types of religion residents practice?Health indicatorsDo you see evidence of clinics, hospitals, mental illness, substance abuse?PoliticsWhat indicators do you see about politics? Posters, headquarters?MediaDo you see indicators of what people read? If they watch television? Listen to the radio?Business and industryWhat type of business climate exists? Manufacturers? Light or heavy industry? Large employers? Small business owners? Retail? Hospitality industry? Military installation? Do people have to seek employment elsewhere? How do i use this information to write a report for Franklin Township Somerset NJHealth Science Science Nursing NUR 4252

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