Drop Box: Case Study Counseling for Positive HIV Antibody Te

Drop Box: Case Study Counseling for Positive HIV Antibody Test You… Drop Box: Case StudyCounseling for Positive HIV Antibody TestYou are a nurse working in a women’s jail in Capitol City. You are working with a young woman who has tested positive for human immunodeficiency (HIV) antibodies. She learned her test results two months ago. She is scheduled to be released from jail in two (2) weeks. She states that she is experiencing increasing anxiety about divulging her test results to her husband.Your client is Keisha, aged 38, who was incarcerated for possession and sale of heroin. She has a prior arrest record for solicitation and petty theft. Keisha is married and has two sons, ages four years and 18 months. Her husband is caring for the children at home because he has been unsuccessful in finding employment. He has been unemployed for over two years.While in jail, Keisha has become active in the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and has spoken with counselors about her drug addiction. Counselors from the local health department performed the HIV antibody testing and discussed Keisha’s results with her at length. Keisha has been reluctant to reveal her HIV status to the staff from the jail until today when she requested a visit with you. She has asked you to help her “get ready” to discuss her test results with her family. She states that she feels that she can trust you to give her “good advice”. Keisha would also like to discuss the implications of her test results with you.sHow will you counsel Keisha:About discussing her serostatus with her husband?About the possible implications of this test result?What (if any) mandatory reporting requirements are applicable in this situation?Identify actual and potential host, agent, and environmental factors related to Keisha’s HIV antibody status. Include potential past and present modes of transmission.HostAgentEnvironmentHow will you discuss methods of prevention of HIV transmission with Keisha?PrimarySecondaryTertiaryPlease provide links to any reference (s) used in this   Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 475

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