do you have answer? The exams are from a very large test ban

do you have answer? The exams are from a very large test bank. This… do you have answer?The exams are from a very large test bank. This study guide does not replace your course readings. This guide is suggested and it is not an all-inclusive list. There may be things on the exam that are not covered on this list.  Also, be sure to review your picmonic quiz s. 1. Weight conversions2. Prescription authority3. Prescription writing4. Pharmacokinetics5. Pharmacodynamics6. Bioavailability7. Half-life8. First-pass effect9. Pharmacogenomics10. Beers Criteria11. Changes in drug distribution12. Prescribing for infants and children, women during their childbearing years13. Factors that place infants and children at risk when prescribing medications14. Adverse drug reactions in the elderly at risk of developing15. Adverse drug reactions, drug-drug, food-drug16. Guidelines for treatment and education of common diseases like HTN, hyperlipidemia, with oral anticoagulation therapy17. Medications used for HTN, CHD, and angina – know the mechanisms of actions, adverse effects, know the common ones and the most serious AE. Which population may benefit, i.e., African American, patients with renal disease and/or DM18. Drugs used to treat both HTN and BPH – common adverse effects19. HTN treatment during pregnancy20. Drugs used for management of elevated cholesterol and triglycerides – know the adverse effects, contraindications of use.21. Required laboratory monitoring for drugs, know the normal lab values22. Treatment of acute and chronic pain23. Opioid use disorder24. Black box warnings25. Toxicity with common OTC drugs26. Factors will place patients at risk for antibiotic resistance27. Antibiotics – mechanisms of action, common and most serious adverse effects28. Factors that place the patient at risk for hypersensitivity reactions with penicillins and cephalosporins29. Safest antibiotics to prescribe to a woman who is pregnant30. Treatment of common STDs31. Antiviral drugs      MSN 571 Final Study Guide The quiz is from a large test bank. This study guide does not replace your course readings. Please note: this is not an all-inclusive list.1. GERD medications, risks and adverse effects of therapy, mechanisms of action2. Peptic ulcer disease treatments, adverse effects, mechanisms of action3. H. Pylori eradication therapy, adverse effects of medications4. Antiemetics and their adverse effects5. Allergic rhinitis6. Asthma (acute and chronic) treatments and guidelines. COPD therapies7. Epilepsy drugs8. Parkinson’s disease9. Alzheimer’s disease10. Understand signs and symptoms of cholinergic side effects as well as anticholinergic side effects.11. Headaches/migraines/clusters treatments, acute versus chronic migraines12. Antipsychotics, older drugs such as haloperidol, know signs & symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome. 2nd generation antipsychotics like clozapine – know the adverse effect that is potentially fatal13. Depression14. Bipolar disorder15. Anxiety16. ADHD17. Obesity18. DM Type 1 & DM Type 2 treatment guidelines19. Understand when different lab values that are not within normal limits. Recommendation of medications based on your findings.20. Diabetes agent(s) contribute to a patient’s weight gain and hypoglycemia21. Hyperthyroidism medications, risks and adverse effects of thionamide therapy. What medications can cause hyperthyroidism. Lab values22. Hypothyroid and hyperthyroid in pregnancy23. Hypothyroidism medications, lab values, signs & symptoms of myxedema coma – triggers & treatments24. Contraception25. Erectile dysfunction drugs26. Urinary incontinence – overactive bladder27. Osteoporosis28. Rheumatoid arthritis29. Gout and hyperuricemia30. Vitamins31. Herbal remedies32. ImmunizationsHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING MSN 571

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