Do coping defense mechanisms from previous events aid with p

Do coping defense mechanisms from previous events aid with present… Do coping defense mechanisms from previous events aid with present stress-inducing events?What is the best description of anxiety?How does alcohol or substance abuse treatment affect the re-licensure process for the vocational nurse?Laws reflect the moral values or ethics of society – True or false?After three days of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, the patient comes to the ER with sunken eyes, poor skin turgor and tea-colored urine, what is the nursing diagnosis from the vocational nurse’s assessment?What is the purpose of the Joint commission accreditation agency (JCAHO)?What rule requires that the vocational nurse uses two sources to correctly identify the patient?When the new patient begins losing weight, what is the holistic approach to address the patient food preferences?According to the holistic health model who is the expert on the patient’s health?What is the patient prognosis when under the care of the Hospice care unit?When the patient has too much fluid (hypervolemia) which vital signs change during assessment? Temp – Pulse – Respiratory Rate – Blood pressurePrimary health promotion occurs when the healthy patient is taught about stress reduction and smoking cessation – True or False?When the patient has a disease related to employment which nurse should assess the patient?The hospitalized patient begins discharge planning 24 hours before discharge – True or false?How does Medicare use Diagnostic – related groups to reimburse health care facilities?Does the homeless person with a chronic illness and no resources have access to health care facilities?What would be an objective assessment finding for the patient with low platelet levels?When the patient undergoes the epinephrine response to the General adaptation syndrome, what physiological changes occur?What medication administration actions, by the vocational nurse, are governed by the Nurse Practice act?What are examples of the vocational nurse behaving in the role of member of the health care team?Is the use of rationalization an example of physiological defense mechanism stress response – True or False?   What are examples of the vocational nurse exhibiting professional behavior?When the patient receiving blood products becomes flushed, dyspneic and has crackles in the bases of both lungs, what is the cause of the complication, based on the vocational nurse’s assessment?Acknowledging personal accountability reflects professional accountability for nursing actions – True or False?According to Maslow’s needs theory, the patient with shortness of breath is assessed after the patient who is unable to sleep because of noise – True or False?When the patient receives a PRN (as needed) medication, is it necessary to document in the nurse’s notes, since it is recorded on the MAR?What is the best response to the mother who complains about her son being a problem for the past two years by the vocational nurse practicing active listening?The student vocational nurse is accountable for all nursing care provided and held to the same standards of a licensed nurse – True or False?What objective symptoms would the patient with pulmonary embolism exhibit?What primary nursing diagnosis is applicable to the patient recovering from a motor vehicle accident with a spinal cording injury? If the patient is severely dehydrated from nausea / vomiting, what S.M.A.R.T outcome would indicate recovery?If the patient with inoperable cancer decides to have / not have a treatment which the vocational nurse does not agree – which ethical principle shows respect for the patient’s decision by the nurse?The vocational nurse has no duty or responsibility to report suspected child abuse – True or False?Based on the Nurse Practice Act – the vocational nurse is allowed to perform a focused assessment – True or False?What nursing process intervention is used when the patient is informed about the effects of a medication to prevent alcohol ingestion?The patient who states that he feels ‘ugly and deformed’ one month after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident is displaying which of Maslow’s universal needs?Which of the four Medicare coverage components, parts A through D, provides medications coverage?Health Science Science Nursing VNSG VNSG 1423

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