Discussion Board 2 Overview After a PICOThas been… Discuss

Discussion Board 2 Overview After a PICOThas been… Discussion Board 2 OverviewAfter a PICOThas been identified, the next step in the Evidence-based Practice Process is to find relevant evidence from credible information sources to answer the PICOT . Initial searches often require revisions to refine the search process in order to yield an adequate body of evidence to answer the PICOT .Students are advised to consult with the Research, Education and Outreach Librarian for the School of Nursing at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library for assistance with searching.Students are required to perform an evidence search and retrieve evidence on the PICOT constructed for Discussion Board #1. (OneSearch is not permitted)Identify the most appropriate bibliographic database(s) for your topic – use of one bibliographic database is required, two are recommendedBegin by using the population, intervention, and outcome as initial keywordsIt is very possible that your initial attempt may NOT yield robust evidenceModify the keywords, inclusion/exclusion criteriaSelect the four highest level studies that answer your PICOTthese studies will be used to construct your Evidence Review Table in the PICOT Evidence Appraisal assignment.Studies should be prospective, primary research, published in the past 7 years and match the components of your PICOT.Retrieval of retrospective, QI, pilots, and protocols are not permitted.Discussion Board 2 Directions Post a paragraph describing your search strategy –  Example of a Description of Search Strategy.pdf Include the Search History Document from your searchDescribe 1-2 search challenges that were encountered and how they were resolvedDiscuss the relevance of this EBP topic (evidence searching) to clinical practice – how will you use searching in your practice?Create a chart of your 4 studies, hyperlinked, and list the population, setting, independent variable, dependent variable, and level of each study. The chart is not included in the word limit and may be attached in your post as a document file.   DB #2 Comparison Chart .docx Review the rubric below for grading criteriaMy PICOTis ” Among adults with diabetes admitted to the hospital, how does follow-up with out-patient nurse practitioner diabetic self-management educator in addition to discharge instructions compared to discharge instructions alone improve glycemic control in diabetic patients”? University of Maryland School of NursingNRSG 790: Methods for Research and Evidence Based PracticeDirections: Populate the table with brief, concise phrasesIn column 1, enter the reference for the study and hyperlink – hyperlink tutorial.Prior to submission for grading, verify that the hyperlink works  Hyperlinked CitationStudy Target Population and SettingStudy Intervention(Independent Variable)Study Primary Outcome (Dependent Variable)Level of EvidenceJHN EBPStudy #1        Study #2        Study #3        Study #4          Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Model for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals for level of evidence    Health Science Science Nursing NURS 790

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