Diabetes Mellitus Case Study On Morgan Water’s Oklahoma Indi

Diabetes Mellitus Case Study On Morgan Water’s Oklahoma Indian… Diabetes MellitusCase Study  On Morgan Water’s Oklahoma Indian reservation, one fourth of her tribe had diabetes. Of course, she knew that. Everyone had heard that. Morgan had no family history of diabetes, heart disease, or other serious conditions; she never imagined she was at any risk. However, she overlooked the fact that environmental factors as well as genetic factors play a crucial role in the development of diabetes. At the age of 27, Morgan was obese and led a sedentary lifestyle. In the past few months, she had been experiencing unusual thirst, dizziness, blurred vision, and an awkward feeling of numbness in her right foot. Following her parents’ advice, she finally visited the family doctor. She was worried, but never suspected what she would hear. “I’m sorry, Morgan, but the tests I’ve conducted unfortunately reveal that you have Type 2 diabetes. Your symptoms are exactly like those we see in many Native Americans. You have a high blood sugar. In people who aren’t diabetic, the food that is digested gets taken into the blood. A lot of it is in the form of sugar. The blood sugar then is taken into their body tissues with the help of a hormone, called insulin, made by the pancreas organ.” “Yes, I have heard about that.” “In your case, you are making enough insulin but your cells don’t act like it is there. Your cells don’t seem to recognize it. So what happens is that when you eat, the sugar in your food doesn’t get inside your cells; it stays in your blood, and so the cells starve. All of that sugar that’s in your blood from your meal gets eliminated in your urine. We can measure it easily. Usually this disease doesn’t occur until after the age of 45, but both your sedentary lifestyle and Native American background increased your risk. It appears you’ve been living with diabetes for almost a year now.” Morgan sat back in silence. Her eyes rested on the floor for a moment. Then quietly she said, “No. How can it be? How could it be that I did not know? A year? How could I not tell the symptoms for so long?” “It comes upon people slowly, Morgan. There are about 16 million Americans that are diabetic, but a third of them don’t know they have it.” While the doctor continued to detail Morgan’s condition, she was hardly listening. How would her life change? Would she now have to take insulin shots for the rest of her life? So many of her friends, so many of her people, had suffered from this terrible disease. What would happen to her now?         What risk factors for Diabetes Mellitus Type II did Morgan possess?    Articles On What Causes Type 2 Diabetes? Although not everyone with type 2 diabetes is overweight, obesity and an inactive lifestyle are two of the most common causes of type 2 diabetes. These things are responsible for about 90% to 95% of diabetes cases in the United States.   Differentiate between Type I Diabetes Mellitus and Type II Diabetes Mellitus.     Morgan didn’t think she had any symptoms of DM. Do you agree?  If not, tell me why.     How does insulin work differently from oral hypoglycemic medication?  What are potential side effects or adverse effects of each?  Be specific.      Beyond taking her medication as prescribed, list at least 5 areas the LPN would want to reinforce teaching regarding minimizing complications associated with DM Type II.        Citations:Health Science Science Nursing NUR 101

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