Design is about shaping the physical environment to counter

Design is about shaping the physical environment to counter the… Design is about shaping the physical environment to counter the impairments which come with dementia. It involves addressing standards, practices and behaviours of staff and changing the way dementia patients are engaged in the environment in which they live. The physical environment impacts resident’s quality of life, resident safety and staff stress. The care provided in facilities has traditionally been based on a medical model and the ambiance is very institutional. Residents follow a rigid routine that dictates when they eat and when they sleep. In such situations, residents have few choices, resulting in a loss of dignity and sense of self. The focus is on the treatment or the medical care provided rather than the individual who is receiving the care. Such environments harm more often than they heal or provide quality of life. There are 3 parts to this assignment. Part 1: View the following video:  CNN. (2013, Jul 30). CNN’s world’s untold stories: Dementia village. [Video file]. Retrieved from .Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the environment in the video by answering the following s:What are some things that the Dementia Village does well? (Cite the video here , along with resources/research/evidence to support your statements)What could be done differently? (Cite the video here, along with resources/research/evidence to support your statements)Describe how the physical environment can affect the health outcomes of a patient living with dementia? (This needs to be supported with valid, reliable and credible research; citations and references required)Part 2:With the strength and weaknesses in mind, Part 2 of the assignment is to design a dementia-friendly facility that will support a high quality life with meaning, purpose and value for people with dementia. Your task is to make a floor plan for this facility. You are not restricted by funding for this assignment (meaning money is no object… woot woot!). Your floor plan should include the following (at minimum): patient/resident room, dining area, bathroom, leisure/recreation areas. Part 3: Describe how your design will improve the quality life for people with dementia, taking into account safety for residents, family and staff. Again, this should be supported with evidence and research.You must have at least 5 valid and reputable resources. ResourcesRefer to the following links for evidenced-based principles for developing a dementia friendly environment.Grey, T., Pierce, M., Cahill S. & Dyer, M. (2015). Dementia friendly dwellings for people with dementia, their families and carers. Retrieved from: the video: CNN. (2013, Jul 30). CNN’s world’s untold stories: Dementia village. [Video file]. Retrieved from the video: TEDx Talks. (2010, Nov 26). TEDxMontrealQuartierLatin – Lauren Tan – co-designing dementia. [Video file]. Retrieved from Science Science Nursing

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