Describe how you initiated, developed and maintained co-oper

Describe how you initiated, developed and maintained co-operative… Describe how you initiated, developed and maintained co-operative working relationships with the local networks to identify opportunities to meet the client, personal and organisational goals in this event.ClientInitiatedDevelopedMaintained Personal InitiatedDevelopedMaintained Organisational InitiatedDevelopedMaintained 2. Outline how an inter-relationships could develop between organisations?  3. How would you would implement confidentiality measures to protect the client, your organisation and your network.  4. Identify where you could share information and resources with organisation to overcome duplication in service delivery.  5. Briefly describe your organisation’s protocols for sharing these resources.  6. Why is it important to communicate the policies and procedures of the organisation in appropriate formats? 7. How have you improved and maintained networks and work relationships to provide identifiable benefits for clients?  8. How can the maintenance and improvements of networks and work relationships provide identifiable benefits for organisations? 9. How would you:a. Evaluate the effectiveness of collaboration  b. Make recommendations for action if the effectiveness of the collaboration is not working for your organisation  c. Ensure the information collected and used is current and accessible?  10. Outline how you could evaluate if individual and organisation performance is improved through collaboration? the effectiveness of collaboration and make recommendations for action?  Part 3: Reflective practices 1. What rules did you identify and discuss with group members regarding group behaviour protocol? Identify how you would encourage and implement these guidelines 2. Describe how you: a) Identified and negotiated the group’s needs, objectives, and activities. b) Encouraged group members to voice their ideas, needs and expectations whilst respecting the values and beliefs of workers and group members 3. How did you promote effective communication including open dialogue and active listening between group members to assist in reviewing this information? 4. Describe how you modelled and encouraged sensitivity to diverse group participation 5. How did you identify and actively seek out opportunities for collaborative planning of group activities with group members and then analyse and prioritise the information about the group’s needs and expectations? 6. Complete the table for each section in your role of facilitator and provide 3 examples of eachWho could you ask for feedback?What are three things you felt you did well?What are three things you could have done better? HLTWHS003 Explain how you consistently monitored housekeeping practices and safety procedures in the day-to-day work activities required by your job role?Describe how you would encourage and assist your team members to contribute to WHS practices and consultative activities throughout your work placement or in your place of employment?Provide two examples to explain how you could implemented risk controls to address hazards during your work placement or in your place of employment, in line with the hierarchy of risk control?Describe how you maintained or could maintain WHS incident reports in your workplace in line with organisational policies and procedures and the legislative requirements for record keeping and reporting?Health Science Science Nursing COMMUNITYCHC42015

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